Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOYWW: We are God's Garden

 Here is my desk. On it you can see my 2016 planner.
I like putting washi tape, stickers, and all sorts of clippings.
On the right side is my "Magic Book" with my collection of 
embellishments. I also use this when I make Artist Trading Cards.
If you like to see my 2015 planner, here it is!

 Here are the pages for January 26 and 27.

 And these are the pages for January 23-25.
I think putting stickers and prettying up your planner,
makes it more fun to organize your day.
It also makes me look at my planner more often
so I don't forget what I need to remember!!!
These pages are still works in progress.
I am still going to doodle in it and try some calligraphy!!!

 "Listen to this! Behold, the sower went out to sow..." Mark 4:3

This is how Jesus introduces the Parable of the Sower- LISTEN!  Hear my words! Then he proceeds to share about a farmer who sows seeds on different kinds of soil, and depending on the soil, the seed either gets eaten by birds, or gets scorched by the sun, or gets choked by thorns, or bears abundant fruit. Usually we think of the soil as different types of hearts, and how different kinds of people receive the Word of God. But I think most of us receive God's word differently at different seasons of our life.

In 1 Corinthians 3:9, Saint Paul says we are God's field, God's garden. He is the sower, the farmer planting seed. In God's garden of our hearts, He finds different kinds of soil at different times of our life. Sometimes we are very receptive and eager to listen. And His Word finds a place in our heart, but only for a short time. At other times, we are so busy, or so anxious, and God's Word, perhaps given by an office mate as advice, goes out our other ear. But Jesus says, LISTEN! Hear my words! Don't just pick and choose when you want to hear it! Prepare your soil, prepare your hearts to receive My Word. 

If we want a good harvest, a bountiful harvest, we need to prepare our hearts the same way a farmer prepares his soil. A farmer digs up the soil and breaks up the lumps in it. He takes out the rocks, the roots, the weeds. That means we need to examine our life. Is there someone we need to forgive? Is there some wrong doing that needs to be corrected? Lord, I want to bear abundant fruit! Let me see what I need to do in order to have a heart ready to receive Your word with joy!


  1. I always enjoy your scripture artwork :) I've always understood that parable in the context of when people first hear the gospel, rather than in the sense of our ongoing ability to receive God's Word. Thanks for a fresh perspective!

  2. Can we see what's inside the magic book? :)

    I love the word LISTEN especially when it is said in the context or perspective of our creator. As a part time educator, you can probably guess that LISTEN has become a negative word. Haha I have to say it when things turn out chaotic inside the classroom. But come to think of it, LISTEN brings back everything in order. When we start to listen, we begin to understand and just like that, everything is back in perfect harmony again.

    Love this post for today Patsy :)

  3. Beautiful! I decorate my planner, too, and it does make it more enjoyable and fun to look at what I need to do. Your Bible art is beautiful. I love how you reminded us to break up the soil of our hearts for seeds from God's Word.

    Blessings - Julie

  4. A good message with your beautiful scripture art. I really liked your comments on the soil of our heart. The word that I am focusing on this year is fruitful.

  5. Your planner looks great - what a good idea. Helen #1

  6. Great photos and inspiration. Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week

  7. wow I love your planner, so colourful and decorative
    Bridget #4

  8. Ah so agree Patsy, may our hearts be full of the good seed that brings forth life eternal through faith in God.
    Happy WOYWW, nice to be back in Deskland again!
    Shaz in Oz.x #15

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  9. Always a delight to read your page Patsy and see your colourful planner
    Enjoy your day
    Lynn 18 x

  10. Hi Patsy, long time, no see! Lovely to be able to see your scripture drawings again. Happy Wednesday to you! Annette #31

  11. it's become a 'thing' Patsy. Planning and Planners and stickers and pens are big business in the scrapbook world all of a sudden. I went to a crop a couple of weeks ago and met a lady who was working on 3 planners, all her own! Planning the planning I guess1

  12. Very pretty planner! Love the pages. I don't think I could keep up daily. My mind seems to flit from thing to thing.

    Sharon K #49

  13. Oh, I have come to love putting stickers and washi in my planner pages. So fun, and I'm way more organized! Have a good week. Sandy Leigh#39

  14. Absolutely beautiful work Patsy. Barbx #54

  15. I gave up planning. Everything is in my phone and tablet these days. Great message and bible journaling. thanks Peg 63

  16. Beautiful planner. love your approach. Creative Blessings! Kelly #43


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