Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday: Sketches of my Husband

What's on my workdesk?
made by me!!!

It was my husband's 50th birthday yesterday.
I cooked (a minor miracle
as my family will attest).
I made
Pilaf del Mar
with the help of my cook, Lucy.
She said I had to repeat the
browning of the garlic
as I burned the minced garlic
at the start of the process.
This is a wonderful recipe
my dad cut out of Sunset Magazine decades ago.
It's fast, easy, and practically unspoilable.
We had crabs, shrimps, salpicao
(courtesy of my sister Peggy's cook),
chicken with a lot of black pepper
(courtesy of my sister Meldy's husband, who bought it),
etc etc.

But what's on my desk?
I asked the guests to either draw my husband
or write him a birthday message.
Most of them opted to
Here are the results.
I shall put them
in a scrapbook.


  1. I am in awe of your culinary skills, and your artistic skills. Can't wait to see the book you make for your hubby. So, please show us the finished result. Happy WOYWW.

  2. What a fantastic idea to get your guests to do, and the food looks wonderful!! Hope he had a lovely day.

  3. Hi
    i hope hubbie had a lovely birthday, the food looks delicious, great idea to get peeps to sketch him, have good day, sue,x

  4. Anonymous3:52 PM

    looks like all your friends are artists! What a neat idea to have them draw your husband!

  5. Food looks yummy nd what a lot of talent to be able to do all those drawings. What a lovely thing to rememeber the day with.
    A x

  6. Hiya

    what a great idea to have your guests draw a piccy! I love that!

  7. Practically unspoilable - unless you burn the garlic hehe
    Some great pics there
    Anne x

  8. Oh Patsy....what a lovely draw or leave a message for your husband's birthday. What a feast for the eyes...and for the stomach of your guests. *Ü* Happy Birthday to your husband. TFS. ~Glen~

  9. What a VERY, VERY cool idea--something that he can look at in the future over and over--a great gift!
    That meal looked delicious too!!

  10. oh the food looks so yummy,great sketches,too love cheryl x

  11. What a lovely idea to ask the guests do draw your hubby - fabulous keepsake!

    Happy WOYWW Day!

    Leanne xx

  12. mmmmm look at all that yummy food! Hope everyone enjoyed and Hubby had a great birthday! Love all the piccies too, they're fantastic!
    thanks for sharing
    have a great day

  13. Some fab drawings there how great will they look in ascrapbook.:0)
    Kate x

  14. I think it is lovely that so many opted to draw a picture of your husband. that was a great idea. take care, happy 50th to your hubby.

  15. That food looks so good (it's nearly lunchtime here)
    What wonderful ideas for your hubby's birthday, so personal and great drawings!

  16. What a fun idea! Happy Birthday to hubby!!

    I'm celebrating my one year blog anniversary and 200 followers! Stop by to enter my give-a-way!!

  17. Oooh what a lovely project to get working on - enjoy!

  18. Gappy Birthday to your hubby. What a wonderful party and gift idea. You had some really artistic, talented drawers at your party. Have fun creating the book and do show us when finished please.

  19. wow you have some talented guests there, i could never draw a face like that. The food looks yummy, hope you had a lovely time.

  20. You have cooks? can you send one over here so I can have a break lol.
    *hugs* Heather x

  21. What a fab idea getting your guests to draw your hubby ... and the food looks scrumptious!

  22. FAb idea, great way to remember the day. Hugs Pam x

  23. I am such a bad cook so am in awe of what you have made. It looks so tasty, yum! hugs Heidi x

  24. I am such a bad cook so am in awe of what you have made. It looks so tasty, yum! hugs Heidi x

  25. Ooh how lovely a birthday feast. great idea to have your guests draw a pic of the birthday boy - what a great set of memories, love your WOYWW doll on the desk there too - makes me smile to see it!

  26. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Happy belated birthday to your husband, the drawn images are a great memento. Food looks delish but I'd have to pass on most of it due to a shellfish allergy!


  27. Anonymous2:21 AM

    I'm guessing your husband has a beard! Those messages look fab, & a lovely birthday spread!

  28. what a wonderful idea - those drawings are going to make a fab keepsake

  29. Wow, that food looks good enough to eat, Lol. Great idea for your guests to get involved in too.

    Lesley Xx

  30. What a wonderful Idea to ask the guest to draw your hubby Defo a scrapbook opportunity not to be miissed such fun habby B'day to him

    love Dawn xx

  31. what a clever idea..I'll get every one to draw my hubby for his next birthday! food looks yummy!
    Have a crafty day!


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