Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOYWW: Glorious!

 Happy What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday!!!
My desk is back-to-messy again!
I cleaned it up a couple of weeks ago because
I needed to find something.
But I never can quite KEEP-IT-CLEAN!!!!

"ONE of you will betray me,"
Jesus said at the Last Supper with His disciples.
(Matthew 26:21)

What would Jesus say to me?
If I was at the table with the other disciples?
I was listening to Francis Chan's preaching
and he said that maybe if he asked about you
from the people you know at church,
they'd say you were a great person.
But what if he asked God? asked Jesus about you?
What would Jesus say about you?
What would Jesus say about me?

The Lord sees us as we are.
Psalm 139:1 says, "Lord, you have searched me,
and You know me."
God knows if we love Him with all our heart,
our soul, our strength.
God knows if we love other things more than Him!
Tomorrow is Holy Thursday,
a time to reflect on these things so we can be renewed
and made glorious!

"I am made glorious in the sight of my Lord, 
and my God is now my strength! 
It is too little, He says, for you to be my servant...
I will make you a light to the nations, 
that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth." 
God's vision for us, His purpose is 
much grander than our own for ourselves! 
When God instructed Noah to build an ark, 
it was a 120 day project.
 I doubt if Noah would have embARKed 
on such a huge venture if God did not give him the exact plans. 
Noah didn't have any power tools and he was no ARKitect! 

If we make our own goals and dreams, 
I think most of us would just choose 
those we think we can do on our own. 
We would get stuck with small, unimaginative plans! 

Lord, help me to trust in You, 
to broaden my vision, 
to work with You to make Your dreams for me 
and those who walk with me come true. 
Help me put You into the equation always! 
I want to be glorious in Your sight and to be a light to the nations!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Entering the Holy Week

 Spent a fantastic few days in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
with 16 family members.
We saw a lot of twisting, cavorting dolphins.
My first glimpse of so many of them
going ahead of us in our motor boat
made me cry with awe and wonder.

We also went island hopping in Honda Bay.
Our boatman was an aspiring art director
and had a lot of camera tricks up his sleeve!

We also saw the Underground River, 
one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World,
went firefly watching and visited the
Iwahig Penal Colony,
an amazing prison where there are no bars
and prisoners don't escape out
because they live a pleasant life with their families. 

I was not able to post while I was away
so I have several days worth of paintings!

 "The truth will set you free." John 8:32
The truth, God's Word, 
will set you free to become the best you can be,
 the same way that following traffic rules, signs and lights 
will give you the freedom to get 
where you need to go without the chaos 
that comes from the lack of discipline!

"I have grasped you by the hand,
I formed you..." Isaiah 42:6

 "Before Abraham came to be, I AM." 
John 8:58. 
Jesus claimed to be God 
 numerous times in different ways. 
That is why the Pharisees and many in the crowd 
were indignant and wanted to stone Him. 
They didn't think he was merely a crazy person, a fool. 
They believed He was a charlatan, a deceiver, the enemy! 
We too need to make a choice about who or what Jesus is, 
because if He is who He says He is, 
and He came to teach us how to live, 
it is the most important choice we'll ever make!!!

 "The Lord is with me, like a mighty champion." 
Jeremiah 20:11
 One of my favorite verses from the Bible is
 "Do not be afraid. Stand firm and 
you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today." 
Exodus 14:13

 "I will...cleanse them so that 
they may be my people and I may be their God." 
Ezekiel 37:23. 
Thank you Lord for desiring
for us to be Your people!
You did not have to do it!
After so many tries
to make us understand,
you could just have given up on us 
and left us to wallow in our own sin 
or you could even
have destroyed us!

But you try again and again,
sending us prophets,
and ultimately Your own Son
that we might be made clean,
made whole, made new!

Sooo sad that this promise
was made to the Jews,
to His chosen,
and they don't even claim it
because they reject the One
who can cleanse them!
What promises of God
do I NOT claim for myself
when it is just there
for the taking?

"Though all may have their faith in you shaken, 
mine will never be," 
Peter said this to Jesus in, 
I imagine, a firm decisive manner (Matthew 26:33). 
But as we all know he betrayed Jesus three times. 
The great difference between Peter and Judas
is that Judas gave up and did not repent. 
He was so filled with guilt and remorse 
and who knows what else! 

 As we enter into Holy Week, 
I look to Peter. 
Like Peter I have betrayed Jesus many times. 
I forgot that last Friday, 
I was supposed to abstain from eating meat.
 I neglected to fast, and give alms, and be kind, 
and who knows what else!
But Jesus knows our weaknesses
 and forgives us, even if we find it hard to forgive ourselves!
We just need to not give up 
and look to Him to be washed clean.

Thank You Lord for never giving up on us, 
for allowing Yourself to be forsaken 
by Your Father so we wouldn't be! 
Thank You for the example of all the
 weak men like Peter and the saints, 
who did not give up, 
but when they turned to you 
for strength and forgiveness, 
were able to go on victoriously!

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