Saturday, October 29, 2011

Come on in and Feel at Home!

I couldn't resist!
Just had to join the party even though 
I'm really late! 

My name is Patsy, 
and I live in the Philippines.
I am married to a wonderful man, Luigi,
who is an IT Consultant.
We had a joyous double wedding with my sister.
That's us on the right.
A year after, both of us had little boys!
My son is on the left.
He's 16 years old now.

This is our house.

I live next door to my sister Peggy.
We live on the right,
and her family lives on the left side.
Peggy designed our house,
and what's really great about it is
if we have a party, we can open up
the dividing wall,
and have a bigger space to entertain! 
Come on in and feel at home!
I'm not going to show you my living room,
because after two years since I moved
to our new house,
I still haven't put anything on my walls!
That canvas on the easel is still not finished!
I have some more artwork here.

I have been blessed with a GRReat family.
I live near my parents
and my siblings and their family.
And we see each other almost
every day, because we work together!

I have been working since 
I was 11 years old
in our family business,

Papemelroti stands for 
PAtsy (that's me!), PEggy, MELdy,
RObert and TIna, my siblings.
It started as a joke,
but now has grown miraculously!

I started this blog as a way to share my 
art, canvases, scrapbook pages, 
ATCs, and now my journal pages.
This is a collage I did in my journal 
to help me remember Ephesians 2:19-22.
We are part of the body of Christ,
members of God's household.
Are we doing our part to build and encourage,
to serve and love others?
We are all brothers and sisters,
journeying together to our heavenly home!
What an exciting prospect! 

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  1. Super beautiful post and gorgeous art!!

  2. Beautiful home. You are a lucky girl. Love the post!!


  3. What a lovely home and a beautiful collage.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I loved learning about you thru this post. Your collage is awesome!


  6. Nice blog post, that's neat that you live near your sister and can open up the dividing wall to REALLY party. Come by for some puddin n pie...

  7. Welcome to Paint Party Friday! Great to have you join us and introduce yourself.

    Your journal pages looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing how that unfinished canvas in your living room comes along.

    P.S. There was a typo in your link and it went nowhere. I figured it out and re-linked you so PPFers can visit.

  8. Lovely to meet via PPF! Lovely post, home, art & journaling! Happy PPF!

  9. How neat to have such a great neighbor! :)I love your front door, it is beautiful. It is wonderful to have all that gorgeous art around your house too! Great journal page... love it!

  10. Great to find out all these things about you. :) Wow! Double wedding and double pregnancy. :)

  11. Your family sounds wonderful. What a terrific life you have.

  12. beautiful! i love family!

  13. It's wonderful to hear about your life, thanks for letting us in. happy PPF.

  14. what a great peek inside your life... it sounds lovely. thanks for sharing!

  15. The collage looks great! nice to check out all the linky that u share ur work at.

  16. I love your blog! I can't wait to sit down and look through it!

  17. How lovely to hear a little more about you.

  18. What a great home - your words show how it is filled with such love!

  19. what a brilliant idea to separate your houses with
    only a door. you must have wonderful parties.

  20. Patsy, thanks for visiting my blog. I"m following you here. I think those that are artists AND "Christians" ought to be connected. It's a good combination. I hope you'll follow on my blog too:
    I'm also going to visit your other blogs and your Pinterest, mine is
    My missions blog:
    going to visit your prison blog.
    I followed on google connect and networked blogs
    Coleen, an American in Ukraine

  21. Hi Patsy,
    What a wonderful post. It sounds like you have a nice relationship with your family and a close one with your sister. Are you twins? Tammy

  22. What a sweet, sweet post, and I love your collage' is beautiful!
    May you have a blessed day!
    Teresa in California

  23. How wonderful is it that you live so close to your family!! Thank you for sharing. :)

  24. Wow, thank you for sharing your home and life with us, I feel like we are kin now! Your art is beautiful!!!Deb

  25. What a gorgeous post, you are very lucky by the sounds of it Patsy. By the way you have won my giveaway - please go here and pick which of the extra gifts I have added you would like -, much love Jennibellie xxx

  26. I love the little houses on your journal page today, and it was fab to read and see more about where you live. I love seeing what everyday life is like in different countries :)

  27. Just got online again after almost a monthe and just started reading my fave blogs again! I love this post and I can't believe I was just there at your house last weekend and see the pics here. Your house is so nice and homey! I love your art cabinets as well =)

  28. Just stumbled upon your blog while looking for giveaways. I am intrigued. 2012 is a year for me to seek beauty. Looks like I found a great place to be spiritually refreshed AND artistically inspired. Thank you!

  29. This is so inspiring! I'm more into arts than my wife...but she knows how to appreciate the things that I do...I'm blessed to find out how God uses your talent to touch others lives...Just looking at your artwork, I could sense how deep is your passion for this! Great! God bless all the works of your hands!

  30. Thanks Patsy for visiting my blog. I hope you fulfill your dream of sharing your passion about God. May your work give more blessings to those that you and your family's business touch.

  31. Really great work and so fun to see your life in the Phillipines. One of my best friends here in the states is from the Phillipines so its always neat to see and meet people from there. I am a new follower now, so looking forward to seeing more of your art.

  32. Joque1:21 PM

    Hi, Patsy! So you still live in Tierra Pura, I take it? We have sold our house at T Bella. Mommy and Bong are now in Filinvest, close to Cynthia.

  33. Joque1:22 PM

    Your love for God inspires me.


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