Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Pencils and Journals

I'm going to echo what everyone
has been saying:
I can't believe how fast 
Wednesday comes around! 
Here's my desk.
I found out that I had so many pencils.
Cheap ones, expensive,
metallic, watercolor, etc.
I haven't been using them
because I hid them in a toolbox.
Not a good idea!
I put toilet paper rolls into my plant box
and organized the pencils by color.
Good idea! 
So I've started to use them. hasn't been nice to me lately
so I haven't been able to crop my pictures.
Here's my journal page.
Romans 8:26:
"For we do not know how to pray
as we ought,
but the Spirit itself intercedes 
with inexpressible groanings."

This is a comfort to me,
because sometimes I think,
"Do I know how to pray?
Is God hearing me?"

Luke 13: 18
"The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed
which became a tree
and the birds of the air
perched in its branches."

What in the world does this mean?
My take on it is that
whatever small thing we do
for others,
whatever good deed, service,
even the gift of a smile,
has far reaching consequences.

Romans 8:16
"The Spirit Himself testifies 
with our spirit
that we are God's children.
Now if we are children,
then we are heirs-
heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ..."

Princess _________.
Put your name in the blank.
Does it sound good to you?

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  1. Love all the pencils!
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #2

  2. Thank you for reminding me with those powerful verses from the Bible. I was moved by this
    Romans 8:26:

    "For we do not know how to pray as we ought,
    but the Spirit itself intercedes
    with inexpressible groanings."

    This would remind me that on those instances I forget to find refuge to the Lord. Without me saying, He knows my burdens and struggles.

  3. Great pencil storage idea and beautiful journal pages.

  4. Hi there Patsy great pencil storage idea and love the pickies and most of all the word of God - how rich we are by faith in it - daughters of the king of Kings, Shaz in oz.x

  5. Fabulous artwork! I too have to have my tools out on display in order to use them otherwise they stay hidden (and forgotten about) for ages! Have a great week.

  6. I love the idea with the toilet rolls... but don't use a lot of pencils so perhaps I could adapt it for my tools!! Lovely journal pages as always... and I don't think there is a wrong way to pray... its just talking so I can't see how you can be incorrect.

  7. great idea for your pencils! have a great WOYWW

  8. Such pretty colours - are you sure you aren't a school teacher with all those pencils!!

  9. Great looking creative space this week. Hope the rest of the week is creative and fun for you. I always find comfort and encouragement here!

  10. What a cleaver way to use those handy loo roll cores! My stuff is all in clear boxes in pigeon holes so I can see them or I forget about them too! Have a great week!

  11. Nice reflection. I find myself asking similar question too. Most of all, I wonder if I pray the right way. I do know that God hears me all the time. He hears my thought even without saying it out loud but I do worry if I am praying the right way...

    good idea with the pencils by the way! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  12. What a fabulous idea - the loo rolls. Love the journal pages

  13. What a great idea for pencil storage will save this for future reference and a girl cant have too many pencils huh lol. You must love colouring.
    Bridget #37

  14. Love that mustard seed page ...and the loo rolls and planter storage for your pencils is brilliant.

  15. Pencils look just great and love the canvas from the post before!
    Thanks for sharing today! Sarah at 5.

  16. I totally agree with your interpretation of the passage from Luke. And of course, love the look of the pencils...they are inspiring just like that! Proves that we use stuff more if don't have to put it away!!

  17. Some lovely work and inspiring thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us.

  18. fab idea for the pencil storage... i may just have to borrow that idea lol

  19. Great journal pages - your art work is awesome! I love the idea of using the toilet rolls in the box too - excellent!

  20. Such a great idea for storing the pencils. Actuallly they look very attrractive and would make a lovely picture in themselves as art! As usual, your journal pages are just gorgeous... thank you for sharing those wonderful words from the Bible. I am privileged to be entitled to be called "Princess Shoshi" for 27 years now!! Thank you for reminding me of this.

  21. I used to sort my pencils out into colours in the box when I was younger - they had to be in a certain order so I completely understand how sorting yours out means so much to you!! I LOVE the tree branches with the spirals on the end. I always doodle spirals when I'm talking on the phone, I find them satisfying to do :D
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  22. I love your thoughtful posts - I alway find something to inspire me each time I visit - thanks lots. x Jo

  23. You sure have a lot of pencils! I like how you organized them using those toilet paper rolls - great way of recycling them! Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  24. What a great idea with the toilet paper rolls! I think your journals are wonderful, you can really see the passion you have in each and every page! Lovely work! Thanks for the visit! Have a great week!

  25. LOL..I use toilet rolls to make tiny mini albums...what a great idea.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, have a great WOYWW

    xoxo Marjo

  26. That's a LOT of pencils! Glad you are putting them to good use!

  27. Hi Patsy - love your blog and how creative and arty you are. Thank you for linking up with me today at winsome wednesday. I so appreciate it
    God bless

  28. So many pencils! I am going green right now. LOL
    Love your journal as always!
    Happy WOYWW

  29. I have had a week of sorting and organising the studio as well so it must the time for it... I have my pencils in baskets hanging from a rail above my desk and I love having them right there in front of me... all those gorgeous colours... great idea with the planter box... I never would have thought of that xx

  30. The Romans verse is always an encouragement, and I love your mustard seed picture.

    The idea of sorting all your pencils by colour is a great one.

  31. Every time I come by your blog, Patsy, I'm moved and amazed by how you bring the scriptures to life.

    And I LOVE your pencil organization!

    Happy woyww, Sandy #123

  32. Wow you have the market on pencils! Lovely Journal Pages. Happy WOYWW ~#105 Robin Panzer Art

  33. Wow, that is a lot of pencils! And that happens to me as well, if I put something where I can't see it, it may not get used!
    I like your interpretation of the mustard seed verse and totally agree!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork!
    xoxo Karen

  34. erm well thats A LOT of pencils!!! where were you hiding them all? lol

    love the inspirational verses hun, and glad the journal is progressing nicely,

    Lou #63

  35. I need to come up with a pencil holder like that for my little artist. Your beautiful art is like water pushing those scripture seeds down into my heart! Sooo beautiful it blesses my day!

  36. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.
    I started doing children's scrapping parties as a favour for a friend's daughter and it has grown from there. The girls (and some boys) love it. I am now so busy with children's parties I can hardly keep up.
    Kids are amazing, they are not afraid to try anything! It is very rewarding, I would say, go for it.

  37. What a great idea for the pencils! Happy (late) WOYWWED!

  38. Thank you for the lovley comments on my blog.
    I haven't been doing the 'Altered/Grungy/Steampunk style of crafting for very long so I was really pleased at the way my printers tray turned out.

    What a great idea with the pencil storage thing! That's just clever! Love your journal pages too, so bright and cheerful and very thought provoking.

    Take care

    Jackie x


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