Monday, October 10, 2011

Blessed to Bless Others!

5 Through him we received grace and apostleship 
to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from
 faith for his name’s sake. 
6 And you also are among those Gentiles 
who are called to belong to Jesus Christ.
Romans 1:5-6

We are called not just for ourselves 
but for others also,
that we might invite them to 
know the God who wants to bless them,
and favor them with
His goodness and faithfulness!

Let us continue and persevere
to read and study the Word of God
so we may be blessed
and be successful in everything we do!

We are blessed to bless others! 


  1. Amen! Great how you've presented them.

  2. This is so true. Thank you for blessing us by sharing your insight.

  3. Great words and great art works... Thank you for sharing this with us. And thank you for the comments you left in my rarely visited blog ;-) It made me happy. Wishing you a great week!

  4. Your art always speaks to me. I love the "Blessed to bless others." We are so blessed, it should bubble over onto others.

    What do you do you art on...It looks like plain scrapbook paper, but it doesn't seem like that would be stiff enough so I wondered if you glued it on cardboard.

  5. Hello, been meaning to stop by for awhile, I had never seen your Pay it forward post months ago, until I read back posts of yours today. I guess i hadn't checked at the right time and I thought you might notify me when you did it... so anyway... e-mail me your address and I'll send you something like I promised about 10 months ago... better late than never!

  6. So true! Blessed to bless:) I've been blessed by being here, thank you!

  7. Amen, Patsy! Beautiful artwork too. When I was at Laity Lodge last weekend, in Texas, we were invited to the art studio to do various projects. I made a poem from a page in a book by highlighting certain words and blocking out the rest. Then I decorated the poem with different art supplies. The end result was not as beautiful as your work, but it reminded me of your pieces with all the layers of beauty. :) It was fun. God bless!

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Blessed to blesss others: re-born to be salt and light, slowly turning into His image so that we can be the light of God to those who remain in bondage and darkness.

    Thank you and Amen

  9. Patsy, thank you for reminding me that I am saved not only so I can have eternal life, but so that I with the power of the Holy Spirit reach out with the Good News to others that they would accept Jesus Christ. Then the cycle keeps going on and on until He comes for His Bride. Great post.

  10. I find that the more I read the Word, the more I cannot possibly keep it to myself.

  11. Wonderful artwork, scriptures and reminder. Blessed to bless others! Its a wonderful thing.

  12. Sometimes forgiveness is much harder to receive than give... I have to have a BIG clean up too - I agree you know when it's gone beyond just creative! I'm a bit late...but thanks for sharing. Sarah at 10


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