Sunday, October 03, 2010

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

If you've visited me before,
you'll have an inkling that
I love flowers
and I've been wandering around on the web
in search of different ways to make them.
shows how to make her kind of
shabby flowers on a video here.

And here we have flowers
from synthetic materials.
The Hybrid Chick
heats the fabric
to make the petals curve prettily.
Then there are these
from Rae of Notes from the Tincture Lab.
And here are flowers using
old magazine pages...
and don't we have a lot of those?
These are by Jessica Jones of
How About Orange

What I love about these flowers
is we don't have to buy anything,
we can just rummage in our cabinets and boxes
and use all those "one day, I'll" SCRAPS!!

I am going to make some and post them here.
But today, I'm waiting for some visitors
and do not have time!


  1. Beautiful, and original way to make some gorgeous flowers. I especially love the first technique, and can't wait to see what you produce from all of this inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love them, I really like the top once, they are very nice!!

    I used to not like them at all and now since a year back or so, I just cant get enough of them... Made a few of my own, so have to get back to doing that again.

  3. Very cool. Love to see what you come up with, too.

  4. these are really gorgeous. can't wait for your own creation.

  5. I love the first ones, I might have to watch the video.

  6. Oh I've had a wonderful time visiting your blog via WOYWW. Great daily journal pages, gorgeous art ... fab, fab, fab :)

  7. Oh I didn't see the bottom 2 before but I did catch the top one and made a big one for a purse for my sis and Loved it so unique and 100% left over material that would have been binned, love the idea of reusing something to create beautiful things look forwar to seeing them
    hugs Nikki Week 70 #40 WoYWW


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