Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WOYWW 79: Flowers!

It's Wednesday again!
And just a few days more till Christmas!
I have to apologize that I wasn't able to visit
any of you this time around.
I've been spending most of my free time
at the hospital as my mother-in-law is
still in a coma.
Still, I brought along some fabric,
needles and thread to the hospital,
and made some fabric flowers
while waiting and praying.
Last night I was wondering what I was going to do with them.Align Center
I started with a ponytail accessory.
And below is a flower collage I have yet to decide what to do with!

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  1. Your flowers look fabulous what a good way to spend your time whilst at the hospital!
    All good wishes to her!

  2. Will include you in my prayers. What a terrible time it must be for you all. Still, God is making your fingers productive and those are lovely flowers you are making. Take care. #21

  3. Your flowers are amazing, Hoping all will be well soon.Have a Happy WOYWW!

  4. I can understand your industry with the beautiful flowers that you have created at the bedside of your MIL. It helps to keep your mind occupied at serious moments such as this.
    Praying for her return to good health.
    God bless her.

    Jeanie xxx

  5. Your MIL is in my prayers. Your flowers look terrific. That's a great way to spend your time at the hospital.

    Terry (18)

  6. Sorry to hear of your current problem, but you are good to keep you hands and mind busy while waiting for the happy wake up day.

  7. Pity for the reason to make them, but those flowers are fabulous... so shabby chic and gorgeous... hope you find something really nice to use them for

  8. Sorry to hear your MIL is in the hospital, sending prayers for her recovery. Your flowers are beautiful, a very creative way of passing the stressful time you're having right now.

    Brenda 83

  9. so good that you find a beautiful thing to do whilst you spend time with your mum in law,

    it is very difficult not to miss the presence of loved ones a huge amount , and in missing them be dragged down by sadness, take care,


  10. Totally loving the flowers!!! I am also sending positive thoughts and prayers for your MIL and for you...hugs...

  11. The flowers look heaven sent. Hopefully you are getting some divine assistance in more ways than one. Amber's friends call it PMA (positive mental attitude) and we are sending our best your way.

  12. Gorgeous flowers!

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  13. Good idea to have something creative to do while sitting with your MIL. Those flowers are gorgeous! I send the very best wishes and thoughts to you and your family.
    xoxo karen

  14. The flowers are beautiful. Sending all good wishes to your mother in law.

    Take care,

  15. Sorry to hear that your MIL has not improved. It must be stressful, but I see you have found a way to pass the time and be constructive, too. These flowers are lovely. You are very, very talented.

  16. Sorry to hear that your MIL is in the hospital. Those flowers are like an early breath of spring.

    Bernie #81

  17. such pretty flowers

    be blessed
    from Angela #69

  18. They are lovely best to keep your hands busy while you are visiting and prayer - hope things improve ~ Nicky 16

  19. Oh those flowers are just beautiful. Love and prayers are with you and your sweet MiL

  20. So very pretty, I love flowers!

  21. Patsy these flowers are absolutely beautiful, and what a wonderful thing to do as you sit and pray with your mother-in-law! I am sure that God sees your faithfulness!

    Did you get your package yet? It should be there by now...or at least soon!

    Be blessed!

  22. First, sending a prayer for your MIL!
    Your flowers are beautiful and I love the frayed edges. JUST GORGEOUS!!


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:^) Patsy