Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What's on Your Work Stool Wednesday

My desk is still full of things,
and since I have neither the time nor inclination
to clean it up,
I worked on the floor,
with some of my sewing stuff on a stool,
while sitting on a kiddie chair.
This is how I left it last night.
I hurriedly finished a follower giveaway
for my OWOH post as I had promised
all my followers a chance at my giveaways.
Then I continued making flower collages,
using some lace I had dyed a long time ago,
an old curtain, some buttons from a dress,
and scrap cloth.

A close-up of the unfinished flower collage,
still have to cut it out from the felt backing.

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on Julia's Stamping Ground!

Or on the slim chance that you don't know about the
One World, One Heart gigantic blog party,
you can start here!


  1. I can see you have no inclination to clean. Sounds like between being on the computer and making beautiful art, you have been too busy. But I bet it won't be long and we'll read where you had a massive cleanup. Happy WOYWW, dear.

  2. Wow i just adore your flower collages theya re beautiful.Messy but creative floor id call it.Mines just full of rubbish still.Have fab wednesday
    hugs jude:)16

  3. Very pretty indeed thanks so much for sharing,
    Shaz in oz.xx

  4. Lovely fabric rosettes. THanks for the peek.

  5. LOVELY work Patsy - no wonder you don't want to tidy up when your hands want to make such beauty! I love the little table and chair idea - kinda like the elves came and made the stuff!

  6. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I love the fact that you still want to craft so bad you're happy to practically sit on the floor to do it! That's dedication for you!! The flower collage is so beautiful.

    Brenda 89

  7. lovely flowers. Hopefully working on the floor doesn't hurt your back, I know I can't do that any more.

  8. I often have to work on the floor. I love that flower corsage, so beautiful.x

  9. Very nice! I don't know why you are worried about cleaning up! You make beautiful art and clean workspaces and beautiful art are strange bed fellows! Love the roses and the flower collage. Vickie

  10. While you still have space you can create - clean when you run out of space lol ~ Nicky no.9

  11. Gorgeous flowers! Star 102

  12. Its so pretty, even as unfinished. I need to clean up my desk at work. Its spilling over with documents and papers. I need to go to work on a weekend to tidy up. Sigh...

  13. Wow, awesome creations. OMGosh time just got away from me this week. Now I can't remember where I've been. The columns look Sorry to be so late visiting. Maybe I will just still till the next WOYWW...lo

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs,Lucky #2 Marjo

  14. Those collages just look lovely. Well done. I just love a messy work area myself, just check me out this week. You need to be surrounded with all you 'stuff' so you can be creative. Blessings Hilde


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