Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here is my desk this morning.
My canvas isn't finished yet.
what I've done so far is
apply wall putty to the house and grass,
and molding paste to the flowers
(my first time to use this product).
I painted it with acrylics
and glued on some paper.

My journal has a drawing of Moses
because the reading today is from Deuteronomy 4,
when Moses was admonishing the people
to appreciate that there was no other people
to whom God spoke, and left statutes.

I take this as a reminder for me as well.
I have to remember all that the Lord has done for me!
I have to appreciate and write down
when He intervenes in my life,
helps me, guides me, gives me grace for the day!
To always be grateful!
That is my message for today!

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  1. Your work area is so colorful! I love the canvases too! Very whimsical and fun!

  2. What a totally amazing blog you have!
    Love the colorful work...
    just popped in to thank you for enetring my candy giveaway- but most of all for sharing on your sidebar.
    Good Luck sweetie

  3. Patsy, Thank you so much for sharing your art and your workspace with us…. and especially for the reminder to be grateful!

  4. Beautiful artwork and gorgeous journaling! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  5. beautiful as always Patsy! wish I can see in IRL your art journal.

  6. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW

    Hugs Marjo #22

  7. Great desk and a useful maxim to live by

  8. Well, Patsy, here we are with another WOYWW! – quite a bit going on here again, and so agree with what you say about counting our daily blessings we really do have so very many of them, and it is so easy to take them for granted. thanks so much for sharing..
    Shaz in oz. x #35

  9. Your desk is a clam green coloured haven this morning. I love your perfect looped handwriting on today's journal page. And I think you have the same picture in your head as I do of Noah!

  10. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk,thanks for the snoop, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(13)x

  11. After looking at some amazing artists, blogs and places yesterday I was a down and yearning for creative dreams, but as I went to be I thanked God for my life, my amazing darling husband and family...
    Thanks for sharing your workdesk today. Wishing you lots of creativity until next time!

    Sasa (Sarah) at 1

  12. Beautiful artwork and a lovely journal entry.
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #79

  13. Such colorful canvases.

  14. I see the big canvas is coming along from last week, kept up the great work :D
    StAy InKy
    hUgS MiNxY #48

  15. This canvas is amazing - such beautiful colours as always. You are an inspiration!
    Rebecca X (41)

  16. Wonderful canvas and inspirational as ever. Yes! I certainly am grateful despite all the problems just now we are getting through it.
    Love JoZarty x
    PS marbling eggs added to my blog if you are interested.

  17. Love your post for today! Your blog is always my "happy place" to visit! Have a wonderful week!


  18. Got to agree with everyone else! Such brilliant artwork and always a happy thoughtful blog.

  19. Love your blog...and your thankfulness to such a great and mighty Father. I am amazed at all He has done in my life, too. Giving Him the glory...oxo

  20. Very nice post today. Love the journal and pics. You have a beautiful blogspot here! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

  21. Oh I love all the greens on the canvases, and all that texture just makes them pop (great bright colours). Very spring like!!

  22. Your artwork and journaling is as always very stunning your desk each week is always full of colour which is very uplifting.

  23. Love stopping by to see what your up to. You always seem to find differnt mediums to use on your canvases. Love what you have going on this week. Hugs Mrs A. #16

  24. Lovely bright and cheerful desk this week - thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #96

  25. Love to see your work sorry I am so late this week see you again tomorrow

  26. Patsy the necklace arrived the other day. It is lovely.

    thank you.


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