Friday, March 01, 2013

PPF: Goodbye Michael! We will Miss you!!!

This is Joseph the Dreamer.
What an amazing story he has!
Hi brothers hated him because 
he was his father's favorite
and they sold him to some Midianite traders.
But because God's plans cannot be thwarted,
Joseph ended up as the 
second most powerful man in Egypt
after the Pharaoh.
He was able to help his family after
forgiving his brothers for what they did to him!

Sometimes we cannot understand why God allows
hardships and challenges in our life,
sickness, a failing marriage, losing a job,
a child into drugs, ohh I can go on and on.
Today is a hard day for our family.
In the picture above is my brother in law.
My sister and and her family took a foster child 
into their heart.
Of course we hoped that after Michael
was given away by his mother,
that Michael would go to a good Christian family
who had the means to take care of him.
We were hoping that the lady in the picture 
would adopt him as she was willing to do.
Unfortunately, we found out a couple of days ago
that he will be taken back by his mother.
We felt that after rejecting him,
his mother would not be the best person
to bring him up.
But God's ways are not our own. 
His thoughts are higher than ours.
We just need to trust Him.
Romans 8:28 says "ALL THINGS
work together for the good of those who love Him!"

We know you love Michael more 
than we could ever love him, Lord.
Who are we to say that our plans are better?
After all, he will only be in the care of the first one 
you chose to take care of him, after all!

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This week, chose,
who received a powerful revelation
last week about how God did not
create for anyone's approval
but for His own enjoyment!


  1. Sometimes that is all we have (Romans 8:28) and it is enough. God knows what He is doing. . sometimes we find out and oftentimes we do not. But He does work ALL things to the good for those that love him. Blessings, Janet PPF

  2. what a wonderful , amazing and unique post!

    Love it!
    happy PPF!
    please have a look on our monthly
    a new theme is there!

  3. I love the painting of the couple.
    I hope Michaels mother is fit to raise her son and this story will have a happy ending!

  4. beautiful post and paintings. You are so right when you wrote about trust. I hope all goes well for all of you. Thank you so much for sharing your story

  5. Terrific post and paintings. May this story have a happy ending. Happy PPF, Annette

  6. Beautiful paintings. I like to think that whatever troubles Michael's mother was dealing with, then she is past them and ready to embrace motherhood.

  7. Beautiful paintings, love the feeling you put in them! Thank you for sharing the story of Michael, very touching! <3

  8. Lovely artwork Patsy. Life is not easy and I hope Michaels mother has the strengh to nurture her son.

  9. Beautiful artwork! I am sure God will care for Michael and his mother! Valerie

  10. stopping by from Studio JRU. Beautiful art journal pages!

  11. That is truly beautiful. I'm visiting from Studio JRU.

  12. you have a gift of making Scripture come to life!

  13. Wonderful post and portraits, Patsy!
    I especially love the portrait of the woman and sweet. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  14. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Lovely artwork as always ~ You are blessed ~ wishing the child a loving home ~ know you must be sad to have him go ~ Trust. ~ Happy PPF

  15. Trust sometimes is a hard one to settle in to.... to actually trust and know all will be as it should. Beautiful post and paintings.

  16. Very true~ we do not always understand His purpose in things that happen, but must always trust that He leads us through these things to strengthen us in preparation for what lies ahead.
    Sometimes, in looking at what I am going through in preparation for the future, I am totally terrified by that same future~~ then I remember Who is in charge of that future!!! He is SO Awesome!!!

  17. Thought-provoking post, Patsy. I'm looking across this blog page and I see: 'God makes everything beautiful in His time' on a pink background. I think the operative phrase here is "in His time". Your artwork, as usual, is beautiful.

  18. At least Michael's mother loved him enough to allow him to come into this world instead of taking what she might have considered "the easy way out" early on. You're so right, God's ways are always higher, and better and He will keep Michael in the small of His mighty hand if you just remember to lift him up in prayer every time the Lord lays his precious young life on your heart. I have also prayed for Michael, and the Lord laid this on my heart as I prayed. Perhaps Michael's mom will not lead him to the Lord at a young age. But perhaps, Michael will lead HER to the Lord during his lifetime. We just need to be faithful to pray and give God ALL the glory always.

    Thanks for sharing this Patsy.
    Word Art Wednesday

  19. Beautiful pages. And I hope Michel the best of luck and blessing.

  20. Really beautiful lines to remember-and boy, the word "trust" is a biggie. Prayers to all. beautiful paintings Patsy! Happy PPF

  21. That is a difficult time... but you are handling it with such Grace, and Michael will be a better person for the time her spent with your family... a blessing in any form...xx

  22. so sorry for this hard time for your family! it can be so hard to understand His plans at times, but yes, He does know better. praying for this sweet child!

  23. Such a heartfelt post. So sorry things are not going smoothly for your family. The adoption process is so hard... for both sides. I can only imagine the pain of losing the little one back to the birth mom. Your totally right, all one can do is trust the Lord. ♥

  24. Oh that's tough! Giving up control of yourself, life, will and anger is a blessing. God can take it and we just have to trust! LOVING your face today!! xoxo

  25. The story of Joseph has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. Praying for little Michael...and for peace for you and your family and you let go of someone you love.

    (I especially love the bird painting--beautiful!)

  26. It's really hard to understand why sometimes things had to happen the way they do. God knows best. I'm sorry that your family had to go thru all these. May God comfort you and your family especially now....

  27. Anonymous11:13 AM

    It's hard to learn to let Christ stay in control of the things best left to Him. We so want to be like the cavalry rushing in to save the day. But it doesn't happen that way in real life. We may never know it but the mother of that child may have had a Damascus Road experience about her child. Christ's ways are mysterious after all and perhaps the very near reality of giving her child away may have finally led her to a Christ like decision to keep her child as it was intended. On the other hand I hope that if your sister and brother in law still want to provide a new and loving home to a needy child that they take that next step and follow through on it.

  28. Such beautiful paintings, I especially love the second one, with the couple. The colours are wonderful, and I adore the line drawing. I hope that Michael will have a good life, and that what sounds like such a sad story now, will turn out to be a happy one.

  29. What a sad post. Wish I could believe in God's great plan. Unfortunately I believe more, that it's, the powers that be, screwing it up. I really hope that Michael's mum has got her act together and looks after him and loves him as much as his foster family obviously does. Love your artwork, so beautiful. :)

  30. What a great post so expressive and I love your art!Nice meeting you.

  31. Thank you for linking, Patsy. Your words and wisdom continue to bless me. Your artwork inspires me so. Did you know I finally bought my first jar of gesso! I am hoping to play with it in an altered book. Just collage but I am so inspired by your beautiful work as always. I love the girl with the cardinal. Truly you bless me with this gift of creativity!

  32. Love your art & your heart! Create for God's enjoyment! 😊

  33. I often have to remind myself that God loves our children far more than I do. There are times when trust is so challenging, yet this truth holds firm. Praying for Michael, and for his mother.

  34. Tugging at my heartstrings. Your faith is powerful. I worry so about children who are not given a good beginning in life.


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