Monday, February 10, 2014

Be the Salt!!!

Last Friday I was in the hospital
early in the morning
to watch over my mom
and I started painting
on a chair and on my lap.
 Here is a picture of my
workspace changed in the Waterlogue app,
which I now use to document
ordinary moments in my day.

This morning I read from Psalm 132:
"Let us enter into His dwelling..."
 When we enter into God's home,
what do we do?
When we are faced with His love,
His majesty, His goodness?

We praise Him!
We worship Him!
We fall on our knees!
It is so amazing that God loves us so much,
that He allows us access into His home,
into His very heart!!!

 "Within my heart I treasure your promise..." 
Psalm 119:11 
When I was pregnant with Josh, 
I was anxious. 
Maybe because I was 38 years old, 
and my first time, and reading too much
about what can go wrong. 
But I distinctly felt God reassure me and say, 
"When you hold your baby in your arms, 
you will know how much I love you." 

 I kept that promise in my heart and claimed it. 
And sure enough, when I 
finally held Josh in my arms, 
I was flooded with gratefulness 
and my heart welled up in praise. 
There are so many promises 
in God's Word we can claim. 
I try to take time each day 
to dwell in God's faithfulness 
and bask in His love. 
No safer place to be!
 "You are the salt of the earth. 
But if salt loses it's taste, 
with what can it be seasoned? 
It is no longer good for anything 
but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot." 
Mt 5:13-16. 
You and me, with all our gifts and talents, 
are salt, flavoring, preservative here on earth. 
Salt is very necessary, even in our bodies. 
It regulates our water content. 
How does salt lose it's flavor? 
LOTS of water! 
Sometimes we lose our effectiveness as Christians 
because of trials, busyness, distractions. 
 We can get tired, give up and think 
what's the use of praying, reading the Bible? 
Nothing changes! 

Then we need to step back and 
let God give us back our vision, 
to see ourselves the way God sees us. 
Without our vision, 
our purpose on earth, as salt,
 we are "not good for anything"‼️ 
What use is a beautiful home, 
high paying job, good grades in school,
 the best bag in the world, if we are not 'salt', 
hope and encouragement, 
 a nurturer of life in a dying world?

If we are able to see ourselves as God sees us,
when we are able to enter into His heart,
we will be more effective.
We will be the "salt" 
God has called us to be!


  1. Beautiful artwork, beautiful words. May we all keep our "saltiness" and use it to provide flavor for others.

  2. I agree with Nancy! Beautiful artwork and words :)

  3. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I agree - when I had children, I better understood God's unconditional love:) Friend, you are salt - sprinkling God's encouragement all about you!

  4. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Oh yes, "Within my heart I treasure your promise..."
    I find it encouraging that Jesus didn't command us to be salt... He said we already are salt. So the only challenge is to keep from losing our savor.
    Lovely artworks! Blessings.

  5. Hello Patsy...Great showing of artworks in this post. Love all the colors and images you made together with God's Word. I also enjoy your post and inspiration. Nothing is more important in this world than to discover the purpose that God has for you and to walk in it by His grace...Without Him, we cannot do anything...So grateful you joined our Challenge at Word Art Wednesday this week. Leaving you with God's Word in Psalm 34:8 which says, "Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him." Hugs always...

    JO ANN


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