Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WOYWW: Great and Wonderful!

 WOYWW reminds me to take a look at my desk.
Know what I just noticed?
I still have those wilted roses!
Really! They should have been thrown out a long time ago!

 This was on my desk yesterday.
I won a giveaway from @theresetgirl (Instagram)
and I love all the turquoise!
I can't resist giveaways!

 "Great and wonderful are all Your works, Lord, God Almighty!" Revelations 15:3

Some people think that faith is like "positive thinking". You claim good over evil, prosperity over need, the fulfillment of all wishes and desires. But faith,true faith, glorifies God because you face the reality of your true condition. You face sickness and you proclaim, "Praise God even now!" An 'I can't do anything about this' situation taunts you and you shout out, "Great and wonderful are You O God, still!" You face your mother's imminent death after prayers of healing and deliverance, and countless visits to so many doctors, and you are able to say at her death bed, "You are soooo soooo good, Lord!"

Does faith come first or does praise? If your faith is weak, praise will give it strength. There is a story of a poor black pastor who grew up among slaves. Charles A. Tindley, was pastoring a small church when a blizzard struck his town. His baby had died and his family did not have anything to eat. In spite of all that, he praised God mightily!
"Set the table mama," he instructed his wife who knew there was nothing but stale bread to put on it. In a while a member of his congregation arrived, laden with groceries to the delight of the children!

 Reverend Charles Albert Tindley, later became known as the "Prince of Preachers", and founded one of the largest Methodist congregations serving the African-American community in Philadelphia. A grandson of his father's master was even converted by him. We can say that his gratefulness and thankfulness made his faith strong, stronger in adversity!

Lord, may my praise transform me! May my faith turn my challenges into blessings!

 "All that you see here-the days will come when there will not be left a stone upon another stone that will not be thrown down." Luke 21:6

Jesus was speaking of the second temple on Mount Zion. This temple, rebuilt from the devastation of the first temple of Solomon, was Herod's masterpiece. It was magnificent, and as described in Luke 21:5 "adorned with costly stones". King Herod even had several architects from Rome, Greece and Egypt to plan and supervise the construction. The blocks used were so massive they had to use multiple cranes, pulleys and levers to put them in place.
But in spite of its seeming permanence, it was destroyed by the Romans in the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, just as Jesus prophesied. Today, the Islamic shrine, the Dome of the Rock, stands proudly in its place.

Our life, no matter how much we think of its importance, is as fragile as that temple. We build a nice life, comfortable, sanitized from the injustice and inequality around us, little realizing that all that we build, will one day come to nothing. Rust, earthquakes, storms, fire, termites, disease, sin and the ravages of sin, can easily destroy our families, our businesses, our homes, our cities, our countries, our world. But not if we purposely build on the foundation of God's Word and teaching.

As we come to the end of the liturgical year, I like to take a look at what I am building. Is there anything I am building that I can take with me to my real home?



  1. The give away you've receive is great & i'm sure you'll put them to good use. Happy woyww Jill #10

  2. Ah faith that is not built on the Rock which is our LORD Jesus will crumble on the sand..

    ... as you say in adversity it will not stand the test ..

    This blessed me.... may it bless you also reflects what you say:

    Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #12 i think

  3. Lovely art work, but even more inspiring words. Thanks, Patsy. BTW, turquoise is my favourite colour, too. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 8

  4. Your blog is always a blessing to read, I enjoy every post and your art work, The Lord must look forward to seeing what you do too! Thanks for sharing,
    Happy WOYWW Ginny #43

  5. The giveaway is a lovely colour - so fresh! Wise words today for me, and fascinating to read of Rev Tindley.

  6. Thank you for your inspiring words. Yes, we must give thanks in all situations.
    That giveaway is brilliant! I love the color!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a great week,

  7. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Giveaways are nice indeed! I don't often win but when I do... it's like my birthday, new goodies from a kindred sister in art! Enjoy your new toys...
    Beth P

  8. I love turquoise too. These paintings are so full of life. I especially love the one of Jesus. You have captured such gentleness in his face.
    Hugs & smiles,


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