Monday, December 15, 2014

A Double Portion

 "Remember that Your compassion, O Lord, and Your kindness are from of old. In Your kindness remember me because of Your goodness, O Lord." Psalm 25:6-7
The Bible is full of verses about God's compassion and loving-kindness. Jesus, while He was on earth, showed compassion and pity for the lost and the sick. Even if He was very tired, even when He wanted to be alone to pray, He would feed the hungry not only with bread but with His living Word. He would tirelessly heal the sick wherever He went.
Sometimes we, and even great preachers steeped in the Word of God ask difficult questions. How can a loving God permit all the evil and suffering in the world? Why doesn't He put a stop to it?Why doesn't He punish tormentors? Why does He allow His name to be mocked and ridiculed?

 Perhaps, if Saint Paul could answer us, he would say: "I was the tormentor once. I hunted and judged and killed Christians. I cursed Christ and was the enemy of people who loved Him. But God in His mercy and compassion took pity on me. There are many terrorists just like me. Many dishonest and evil men who have not seen the light of the Gospel. God is patient and not willing that any should perish, but that they would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9)."
"My heart is turned within me, and my compassion overflows." Hosea 11:8 (NLT)
Lord, may I not grieve You by my sins. May Your kindness and compassion lead me to repentance.

 "The God who calls you is faithful, and He will accomplish it." 1 Th. 5:24
One of the best examples for God's faithfulness among the Bible stories is in the book of Hosea. Hosea married a prostitute, and she was unfaithful. She ran away the same way we run away from God sometimes. But Hosea went to look for Gomer, the same way God, the good shepherd looks for His lost sheep. Hosea found Gomer being auctioned off on a slave block, and no one wanted her because she was disheveled and destitute, as any woman would be if passed from man to man. 
Hosea bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and thirteen bushels of barley. He restored her as his wife, and loved her.

 Even if we run away from God, even if we sin so many times, even if we ourselves think we are filthy and cannot be redeemed, God ransomed us from the auction block by His beloved son. He wants to restore us as His very own, and love us, and bring us back as His sons and daughters. How can we run away from a love like that?

"How awesome are you, Elijah, in your wondrous deeds!" Sirach 48:4
Yes, Elijah was a wonder worker and awesome in the power God gave him! When he challenged 450 of the prophets of Baal to prove Yahweh was the one true God, he was able to call down fire from heaven to light the altar stones even if it was drenched in water. That was the most spectacular miracle I think, in Elijah's life, but only one among many others.
He took Elisha on as his protegee and before leaving him, asked, "Tell me what I can do for you before I am taken from you?" Elisha replied, "Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit." Obviously Elisha was a young man eager and hungry for everything God could give him, and was not afraid to ask.
How about us? Do we desire for more of God's spirit or are we complacent and content for what we already have? No matter what our work, or where we live, we are all God's ambassadors. We could be good ones, or we can be mediocre ones. We all need God's spirit to be effective in what God has given us to do. So like Elisha, let's not be afraid to ask for a double portion of His Holy Spirit!


  1. Beautiful artwork and inspiring thoughts. I think I will read Hosea before bed tonight. :)
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  2. Really nice artwork and lots of inspiring words. It just made my day.


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