Friday, September 18, 2015

Paint Party Friday: Love Much!

 "Little is forgiven the one whose love is small." Luke 7:47
What a dramatic turn of events in this chapter of Luke! Simon, a Pharisee, invites Jesus to dinner at his home. Jesus accepts, and as He reclines at the table, his legs and feet stretched out away from the table, a woman of some reputation comes uninvited. She is weeping, and she uses her hair to wipe away the dirt and grime of Jesus' feet. She opens her precious perfumed oil in its alabaster vase, and uses it on Jesus' feet. I can imagine Simon, with a little sneer on his mouth. He is a little amused by this, too entertained to put a stop to this intrusion in his home. He should have had her thrown out for her impertinence, but he likes seeing this so-called prophet and teacher being pampered by a "sinner"! During the first century, if a woman let down her hair, she could be divorced by her husband, and here, this woman, not only uncovered her hair, but was using her tresses to wipe Jesus' feet! If this man was really wise, he should know what sort of woman she was and would not have allowed her to touch him!!!!

 But of course, Jesus knows everything Simon is thinking, all the nuances, and He also knows what the woman is thinking and feeling and going through. Just as He knows our heart and mind as well! Oh the shame! Jesus sees all the condemnation and judgement in our mind. The lack of love in our heart. He knows when we look at others with indifference, when there is no charity in our spirit for others who need our help. What did Jesus say? "Little is forgiven the one whose love is small." Do we want to be forgiven? Then we have to tap into the well of love that God has for us and for all sinners like us. We need to see ourselves and others the way God sees us. Then there will be no room for condemnation, only compassion.

 "The twelve accompanied Him, and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and maladies..." Luke 8:1-2
My mom used to tell me a story of how one of her brothers had 7 demons, and her father, who had one angel, exorcised every one of those demons. I do not know how true this story was, because she was a little girl when it supposedly happened. No matter how we like to dismiss the reality of demons and angels, there is another dimension that affects our lives even if we believe in it or not. Paul told the Ephesians that "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Who were these women who accompanied Jesus and the twelve disciples? There is Mary Magdalene, from whom He cast out 7 demons. There is Joanna, who was the wife of King Herod's Chief financial officer, a wealthy woman of the court. There was also Susanna. We can assume they were following and listening to Jesus because He had freed them from sickness, or some addiction or bondage. What do we need to be free of? Sometimes we cannot do it on our own, no matter how many self help books we read. No matter how many times we speak to a psychiatrist. Have we tried everything to break free? In the 9th chapter of Mark, Jesus advises the disciples that there are evil spirits that can only be driven out by fasting and prayer. We are not handicapped believers. We have tools and we have the victory in Christ against whatever forces the enemy arrays against us. "No weapon formed against us shall prosper!"(Isaiah 54:17) Let us believe it!


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  1. Very nice. I really like the girl with the ball cap. Happy PPF

  2. very beautiful with images on words like that!

  3. Your paintings are so delicate.

  4. Beautiful faces over the Word of God and a very insightful post. Thank you so much for taking time to post your very creative art with us this week at Word Art Wednesday in our 201st AG challenge!
    Blessings and Hugs, Carole

  5. I always enjoy your Biblical lessons and the artwork that accompanies them.

  6. Very lovely work!
    One of my father's favorite songs for Easter was 'The Garden,' (written from Mary of Magdalla's viewpoint) & I grew up 'knowing' there was more to the story! I was delighted to find that 'the church' decided to blacken Mary M's reputation about 400 AD, (& later appologized!) ... & later to read her gospel (found in four locations by the 1920s, but through a series of mishaps, not published for several more decades!)
    One of the most memorable passages is when the other disciples grumble about Jesus giving some teachings to Mary, & not them ... basically, it IS the message he gave over & over, to see with Love's eyes!

  7. Love that you did your drawings, paintings on top of words.

  8. Love, love, love your drawings and use of color. Beautiful!

  9. Love your artwork, Patsy, that reminds us of the great love Jesus had for the weeping woman who anoints his feet with precious oils and her great love for Him. I pray my heart can be tender like hers.

  10. How wonderful to see the Word of God so beautifully illustrated in your exquisite talent. Don't you just love these women Jesus loved. Thank for making my day.

  11. Beautiful! And you are right ... we have been given all that we need to be free - Jesus. May we come & sit before Him & let Him work in our hearts. Blessings!

  12. Gorgeous illustrations! Beautiful work inspired by the Holy Spirit. thanks for sharing your Gift...♥

  13. I love your artwork. It is absolutely beautiful. I also especially love the subject.

  14. Absolutely lovely, Patsy. So lovely to have you back over here at Sunday Sketches. Thank you for sharing your heart and lovely work. :)

  15. I always enjoy your art and your Bible lessons Patsy - learn so much from you! :-)(

    Have an amazing week and look forward to seeing how God speaks to you this week!


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