Wednesday, May 04, 2016

WOYWW: Seeking God

Here is my desk this morning.
I know, I know! I don't have much space! 

This is one of my Bibles.
I have three Bibles that I paint on, because sometimes
I want to paint for a verse, and there's 
a painting on the page already.

After tracing a picture on the page with carbon paper,
I start painting.

I am shading the face here with a darker flesh acrylic paint.
I like using two brushes, one with the paint,
and another with water to remove some of the paint for shading.

Now for the hair.

 I use brown pencils to outline the face, and to add 
the eyebrows, and beard.

 I use Prismacolor pencils, but now my favorite is 
Mont Marte skin tints.
It's like a pastel pencil.

"They were to seek God, yes, to grope for Him and 
perhaps eventually to find Him- 
though He is not really far from any one of us." Acts 17:27

While at Athens, Paul went to the synagogue to speak with Jews, 
and to the market place to speak with Gentiles every day. 
We read in verse 16 that Paul's spirit was being provoked within him, 
there was a "paroxysm" of his spirit, a storm,  
because he saw that the city was full of idols. 
One ancient writer said there were more than 
30,000 gods in Athens at that time! 
One historian said it was easier to find a 
"god" in Athens than a man! 
There were so many statues around. 
This was the goddess of wisdom, 
that one the god of war, reason, etc etc. 
And there was even an altar to the "unknown god"!  
It just showed that the people of Athens 
were really searching for god, 
like the blind men groping around the elephant 
in an effort to know what this huge creature was. 

And Paul said to them, "God is not far from any one of us." 
Indeed if we seek Him, we will find Him. 
If we knock, He will open the door.

But today, are we free from idolatry? 
Are there not so many gods around us today? 
We may not make altars but anything that we give most of 
our time, effort and energy to, that which 
is most important in our life, is it not our god? 
Is it money, beauty, youth, popularity, our business, our children? 
Perhaps we should take the time to evaluate if we really give 
most of our time, effort and energy to knowing and obeying God. 
Every minute of the day, He is not far from us. 
Do we speak to Him, listen to Him, say hello? Say thank you? 
It is not hard to get to know God, the One who loved us first. 


Joining the lovely Julia Dunnit for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I find a lot of inspiration
visiting my friends here:



  1. It's so nice to see the process you use to decorate your bibles. I can see some people cringing and unable to do that to a book but for me you have enhanced it and also taken in its words too
    Lynn 16 xx

  2. Great job patsy and always inspiring to see what you do with the word.
    sandra de @14

  3. Good morning, Patsy. Your drawings are a great way of taking in the word that you have read - it means so much more when more than one action is undertaken - ie., reading AND drawing.
    Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  4. Patsy, I love your painting, such a talent you have and you use it so well to express your faith. Thank you for blessing me with this.
    Chris #10

  5. Oh I liked seeing him come together over several shots. Thanks for sharing in detail. Have a good week. Susanne #29

  6. Loved this insight into how the bible painting happens..I think you make it look easy and I love the use of pencil, nit sure I'd have thought if that!!

  7. So awesome. I love you you showed us your steps in progress.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  8. Great tip for removing the acrylic paint. Lovely page. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV 36

  9. Wow! Beautiful Bible journaling! Good thoughts!!! I am in a discipleship group and in today's chapter reading this nugget jumped out at me. John 6:27 ...Do not work for food that spoils but for food that endures. Just as you mentioned above...what are we giving most of our time to. Will it spoil or will it endure? Have a great rest of the week! Angie #47


I am so glad you dropped by! You are a blessing!
:^) Patsy