Saturday, July 09, 2016

Send Me!

 "Here I am," I said, "send me!" Isaiah 6:8


Am I brave enough to say to God, "Send me!"? Not at all! When I knew God wanted me to go and preach in QC Jail, I cried as if someone died. Eventually I went, and the ministry still goes on even if I do not go anymore. At first Isaiah the great prophet was unwilling to be "sent" claiming he was a man of unclean lips. But after a seraphim touched his lips with an ember from the altar, Isaiah answered God's call and became a great prophet.

Today, July 9, we honor 120 martyrs from China. Their age ranges from 9-72 years. These priests, cathechists, parents, and young kids gave their lives in service of Christ between 1649-1930. 

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong had been a respected highly-ranked Chinese soldier when he witnessed the beheading of French Bishop John Taurun Dufresse of the Paris Foreign Mission Society in 1815. Augustine was soon baptized and became a Diocesan priest because he was so impressed with the Bishop's faith, boldness and inner strength. In the short time that he was a priest, he led many young people to the faith. One of them, 18 year old Chi Zhuzi, was flayed alive in front of him. The captors had cut off Chi Zhuzi's right arm hoping Augustine would renounce his faith. Instead Chi Zhuzi bravely cried out, "Every piece of my flesh, every drop of my blood, will tell you I am a Christian!" Today there are many unknown martyrs in China. 

Lord, may You strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in China. And Lord, give us the boldness to obey You even when we are surrounded by unbelievers. May we be bold enough to say, "Here I am, Lord! Send me!"

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