Thursday, October 11, 2018


“For whoever asks, receives...” Luke 11:10

Many of us ask things of God. Some would say, "But God is not listening." And many people have become atheists because they ask how can a good God permit so much evil and injustice in the world? Indeed, that is a question that we can never satisfactorily answer even if we win the Ultra Lotto billion peso pot and pay every wise man to come up with his own dissertation. 

But another question is, how can a righteous and holy God even look at us, and consider us His children when we are a sinful and rebellious people? How can He forgive us for rejecting Him again and again? Is it not when a judge pardons a guilty man and sets him free, we cry out in disgust, "Corrupt!"? Why will a pure and blameless God listen and answer our prayers when we repeatedly turn away from Him?

Is it not because He sees Jesus? Jesus who took our sins, our perversities with Him on the cross. It is also Jesus who advises us to persist in our prayers until God sees His Son asking in our place! Oh Lord, how deep is Your mercy and grace! Thank You for sending Your Beloved Son to stand convicted in our place! 

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