Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's on Your Work BED Wednesday!

I have been working on my bed
the past days as I am confined to rest
because of a bad cough.
So on my bed, you can see my journal,
bible, glue, a pair of scissors must be around somewhere,
papers to cut up and watercolor.
My paint and water are on the floor.

For those of you who asked,
yes I do journal everyday and
either paint or do collages.
I had more time today obviously.
The challenge was to make Jesus' hands
not look withered because he is healing the
man with the withered hand!

Today's reading is from Mark3:1-6.
Jesus asked the man with a withered hand to
"Stretch out your hand."

All of us have a withered something
we can stretch out to the Lord.
It can be a talent we haven't used,
a dream we've allowed to die,
a relationship destroyed by unforgiveness...

The good news is Jesus is asking us to
stretch it out to Him,
for healing, restoration,
to make it whole again.
We shouldn't lose hope.
There's always hope.

For more beds,
I mean desks,
neat and tidy,
chaotic and frenzied,
see Julia's Stamping Ground.


  1. i adore you and admire your sweet work
    for the Lord. so sorry you feel poorly and
    pray for a swift recovery.

    rest, dear heart, rest.

  2. great religious work, Great busy bed, Happy WOYWW 85, thank you for sharing.

  3. Great work on your journal .Wishing you better soon and outta bed.Hugs judex5

  4. Hope you feel better soon :) bed is a great place to work :))
    Happy Woywwing
    Jennie #2

  5. Hope your cough improves soon. You have so much on your bed, am sure resting will be fun!

  6. To funny, I am in bed, it's late and I need to get some sleep. looks like I won't get to 50

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a wonderful WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #10

  7. Hi ya
    i do hope you are feeling better real soon,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (26)

  8. I don't consider myself a particularly religious person, but your words struck a chord with me. My best friend and I recently had a parting of the ways due to miscommunication and stubborn-ness and I miss her terribly
    Debbi #39

  9. Hope you feel better soon, looks like you surrounded yourself with the right books to comfort you. Happy WOYWW!

  10. Love that you posted this as your work bed!

  11. So sorry to hear that you are poorly, I do hope you feel better soon.

    I love your journalling and art work, its beautiful :)
    Karen #65

  12. Fab Journal, hope you feel better soon.

    Clare (89)

  13. Thanks for the reminder. Hoping you can get back to a real desk soon. Feel better.
    xoxo #8

  14. Anonymous8:43 PM

    sorry you're confined to bed but glad you're crafting never the less.
    x Tricia

  15. Oh Patsy get well soon. Love the journal entry - the paper piecing looks great as clothing!

  16. Hope you are soon feeling much better, but well done for still crafting, even in bed. That is real dedication.

  17. Sorry to hear your poorly, wishing you a speedy recovery :D
    Thanks for visiting me
    Happy WOYWW
    Minxy #1

  18. I think 'confined to bed' means you need to rest xx

  19. Love your bed, err... desk. Very creative looking. Love to read your journal pages every week. Hope you feel better real soon.
    Tertia 110

  20. I wish you a speedy recovery so that you can get back to your workdesk. Regards, Elizabeth #78

  21. Great bed and I hope your cough is soon better... What sweet work

  22. beautiful pages. I hope you can get some rest and get well soon.

  23. I was thinking about you and your journals only yesterday! I am going to start a 'thoughts from my bible study', words from God type of one! I love your paintings in yours, mine might get that way but at the minute it'll just be collagey!

  24. ps praying you get better soon!

  25. sorry your poorly hun, there are lots of bugs around at the mo. Hope you feel better soon

    Great drawing, you have managed to make his hands look lovely

    Thanks for the peep

    Judie xx 69

  26. Hope you feel better soon...I too work from my bed when not feeling well. As always your work and journal is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing! :D


  27. Your journal looks wonderful-hope you feel better soon!

  28. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Hope you're feeling better soon Patsy, but enforced bed rest means more time to yourself to hopefully do your wonderful journaling.

    Brenda 100

  29. Very nice journal and I wish I could be as committed to doing it everyday! Hope you feel better soon!

  30. Hi Patsy,
    You set me thinking about the heaps of different ways to use masks and stencils. Of course the sponge won't do what the air-brush does and vice versa, but there are so many different effects to create. Thanks for coming by.

  31. Well there's no stopping you is there!! I do hope your cough gets better soon - it's so tiring especially if it keeps you awake all night.

  32. Sorry to hear you are not well - hope you are better soon - love you work but do worry about you losing scissors in your bed - lol - God bless ~ Nicky 24

  33. Lovely painting, I wish I could draw nad paint like that!
    Sue xx 67

  34. Hi, just found your blog. I too have had lots of problems with my header being really really blurry. Has anyone helped you with why, cause mine too was fine in the original file. Make sure your resting, but good work continuing to exercise your creative muscles. Love finding fellow livers of the Kre8ive Life.

  35. So sorry you are under the weather, I send prayers your way for a speedy recovery! Stretching out my heart to yours over the miles, sometimes the Lord just wants us quiet so we can hear Him and bless us.
    Blessings to you this week

  36. Sorry your feeling poorly. Hope you get better soon.

    Thanks for sharing

    Jinny #76

  37. love you art!!! i would love to own that necklace!!!


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