Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Here is my desk at work:
pure chaos!
Which fits my bible reading for this morning
which was about Jesus walking the water,
and telling the disciples
not to be afraid.
The disciples thought he was a ghost walking
on water!
For Jews, water usually signified chaos,
and so Jesus' dominion over water
signified that He was victorious over all
our troubles, anxieties and whatever
chaos is occurring in our lives right now.
Isn't that good news!

I had a Christmas giveaway two weeks ago,
and this flower collage brooch
goes to
# 7 Sarah Anderson
She said...

Sorry to hear about your mother in law, but as you say, what a party she'll be having!! It must be like Christmas all the time in heaven, but better :)
Love, love, love your brooch, it's stunningly yummy :)

I'm making more flower collages in preparation of
One World One Heart.
If you don't know what it is,
click on the link above or on my sidebar.

See other desks and projects
on Julia's every Wednesday Blog party!


  1. Chaos is good ... and creative :-) Super brooch in your giveaway.

  2. Great pics! Thank you for sharing.

    Do you know about my candy? Pop over to my blog and join!:)


  3. I like your chaos. Nice bit of art in your journal!
    Sue xx 50

  4. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your fab artwork - have missed looking at this as I havent been blogging much recently. Lovely brooch you gave away there too. No. 28.

  5. I nearly asked why you have a bag of sprouts on your desk but on closer inspection i'm guessing there beads!!! lol
    Happy New Year to you
    Minxy #25

  6. Fantastic artwork, and your brooches are beautiful too.

    Very sorry to hear about your Mother-In-Law too xx

    Sherry (82)

  7. You have a wonderfully busy desk today. Congrats to Karen, winner of your beautiful brooch.

  8. I love that passage of scripture. On my bathroom mirror, I have written,"Take courage, Jesus is here! You don't have to be afraid!" based on that passage. It has calmed my heart in the midst of extreme chaos this past year.

  9. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Lol, looks like you could do with a little help with that chaos today! Beautiful brooch and well done to Sarah.

    Brenda 83

  10. I love this post and just to let you know I LOVE your banner too! I did not know that water represents chaos to JEWS. Thanks for sharing that information. I love your study.

  11. Congrats to Sarah on her winning that simply gorgeous brooch. Lots of chaos to start the new year (grin). Happy WOYWW from # 16.

  12. Thank you for your lovely post today and sharing your desk and the journal page with Jesus and the water. Happy WOYWW! #7

  13. I love that chaotic desk. Reminds me of home! What a lovely broach you made.

  14. Thanks for the peek and sharing, wonderful WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #23

  15. Great messy desk! Are you one of those people who can still find exactly what they need in the chaos? Had a look back at your other posts and your journal entries are all fabulous!
    That flower brooch is gorgeous! Lucky winner!
    xoxo Karen

  16. Love your workdesk..and that you can make space for your journal! Are those pieces of jewellery with your drawings on in the middle bag? Do you sell them in your shop? Love the blue beads too.

  17. Definitely chaos but good Thanks for the peek! :D


  18. I've just dabbled with art Journaling for the first time this weekend so was great to visit your desk! #129

  19. I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who's super messy.


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