Friday, June 28, 2013

PPF: The Wise and the Foolish Man

Here is my painting for 
Paint Party Friday!

"As my partnership with God deepens,
my plans will agree more with His,
because our hearts will agree."
This is what I read from The Word Among Us

Isn't this what prayer is about?
It is a conversation, a give and take
between God, who inconceivably loves us
and me who seeks to love Him more and more.

The story of two men,
one who built his house on rock,
and the foolish one who built his house on sand
has been retold again and again.
When the rains and the floods came,
the wise man's house was still standing
but alas, the house built on sand 
collapsed and was washed away.

I was watching how the strong rains 
washed away homes in India.
Torrents of rain just brought so much devastation.

In our life, we need to listen and act on the word of God
so that our life is built on a strong foundation.
Otherwise, strong winds and rains, challenges like
sickness, loss of our job,
addictions, etc. can destroy us!
I do not want to be like the foolish man,
and so I try every day to read the Word of God,
to embed it in my heart,
and to practice it!

The other day I embellished an aluminum tube
that used to hold Vitamin C lozenges
and made a container that I can put a nice letter in
for my sister's birthday.
See how I made this Personality Pillbox.

Every week I choose one wonderful visitor
who leaves a comment
to receive an ATC from me.
I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose
#17, Jen Price of 
I Believe in Love!
Join her and Jeremy in their weekly
In the Studio link up,
and take a look at Jen's
wonderful inspirational art!


  1. Lovely inspirational pieces!

  2. Wonderful art! I was really drawn to your repurposed tube! Happy PPF!

  3. Your art has such poignancy. Love the little box you made. Happy PPF to you.

  4. very fun! thanks for sharing. happy PPF xo L.

  5. Love your beautiful, thoughtful paintings! <3

  6. love your girls in prayer and that aluminum tube - brilliant! Happy PPF!

  7. Beautiful illustrations of the word. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Strong foundations, yes, so true. Lovely work Patsy. Happy PPF xox

  9. Very nice faces. They are all different with a sense of being.

  10. Lovely inspirational pieces. HPPF!

  11. I love your artwork - you indeed do have a beautiful heart -

  12. Beautiful and inspiring as usual, Patsy. I love the description of what prayer is.

  13. beautiful and sweet, patsy.

  14. Beautiful work...and I appreciate your scriptural thoughts on your art.

    Visiting from Sneak Peek!

  15. I haven't visited you in so long...both of these pieces are the thoughts - they go deep into the heart! (coming from In The Studio/Sneak Peek)

  16. Your girls have such beautiful paintings and the verses are always so inspiring:)

  17. What a great exhortation! We must not hear only, but hear and do God's word.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful artwork with us at WAW.
    Psalm 23 Blessings,
    Carole Robb Bisson
    Word Art Wednesday

  18. Love the blush and pale violet of the background created for this work. Charmed by the letter tubes. Lucky is the the friend who is blessed by such a gift.

  19. yes, exactly... a partnership, a conversation! love these pieces and your heart behind your work, patsy! xo

  20. I know your sister must be thrilled with such a unique and beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing how you made it. Your artwork is always so God-honoring, I'm always encouraged after a visit here.

  21. Love your art! How awesome to re-purpose, too, and make something look so lovely! So excited picked me! Thanks for linking up to In The Studio.

  22. So thoughtful. . .love the art work. Blessings Janet PPF


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