Wednesday, September 04, 2013

WOYWW: Like the Olive Tree

I totally forgot to take a picture of my desk
BEFORE I started painting,
but this is it AFTERWARDS.
I have a new journal-
courtesy of Starbucks 2012.
I don't care about dates much
as I just cover them up
and write over anything!

I just love this verse!
Actually my first time to come across it
as I read the daily readings for today.
So I researched about olive trees,
i.e. googled it,
and found out so many wonderful things
about these beautiful trees.

"Primarily, the olive tree symbolizes faithfulness
and steadfastness.
No matter what the conditions:
hot, dry, cold, wet, rocky, sandy,
the evergreen olive tree will live and produce fruit.
It is said you can never kill and olive tree.
Even when cut down or burned,
new shoots  will emerge from its roots.

"This scripture passage reminds us
that no matter what the conditions of life,
we should remain steadfast as the olive tree
in the presence of God-
evergreen, faithful, and bearing fruit."

This amazing tree can survive many 
kinds of disaster and damage.
If you cut it down or burn it,
even if it appears dead for many years,
it will burst forth in new shoots!

Are we like the olive tree?
Do we spring forth in hope
even in the face of hard challenges?

Let us encourage one another!
Life can be very difficult
so let us always be a blessing to others!

Throughout the ages the olive
has stood for peace, steadfast love,
for undeserved favor, mercy
and newness of life.

Are we like the olive tree?
Visit my sister Peggy's blog
to see the garden in between
our two homes! 

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I know it takes so much time and effort
to leave a comment
and I appreciate it soooo much!

This week, chose
 #18, Belinda of Belinda's Crafts.
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  1. Beautiful journal pages! I like the olive tree verse.

  2. Hi Patsy,
    Thanks for sharing about the olive tree and your art...lovely :) So grateful for God's faithful mercy :)

  3. Happy WOYWW! I love those atcs, and pages!
    -Tera #9

  4. Beautiful. I love the encourage one another. Happy crafting #1

  5. Beautiful Atc's you created as always such soft colours hugs Nikki 4

  6. The olive tree verse is one of my very favorites of all time. I think my mom said that I heard it when I was three or four and would recite it dreamily. I just find the imagery compellingly beautiful. Maybe I'll win a print of your illumination of it. ;)

  7. I learned a lot about olive trees from this visit. I had no idea they were so sturdy and steadfast. Lovely art to accompany the verse, too. Thanks for your visit today already.

  8. Hey dear,

    Peggy's blog post goes to your blog HERE.

  9. The photo of our desk is in itself and lovely picture.... Your artwork is beautiful

  10. Hello hello again, I love getting to peak at them. Thank you for letting me look. Roberta 19

  11. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks.
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  12. What lovely drawings of girls you have there.. Love the olive tree picture just beautiful.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #36

  13. Isn't it such a blessing to know with a certainty in this uncertain world, that God's love and mercy is constant, unchanging, faithful toward us. Praise His Holy Name!
    Margaret #50

  14. What beauty I see there! You have an amazing talent for painting. Those faces and the olive trees are amazing. I love the positive messages your work shares. Enjoy the day! Winnie #69

  15. The olive is just such a beautiful tree with the best symbolism. You capture it perfectly in your painting. Julie Ann Lee x #34

  16. Your pages are stunning. 93

  17. Lovely pages, so vibrant.
    Karen #55

  18. I like olive trees but I thought they were banned in these parts. Either too much pollen or require too much water. That doesn't mean people don't have them just that you can't purchase them. I love that you use whatever journal and just cover up what is on there to make it entirely your own. I haven't been by to visit in forever, so it is good to see you and your messy desk. By the way, people like it better when you share the cluttered "after" version.

  19. Beautifully done and well said.

  20. hi Patsy! visiting from Serving Joyfully! I love the scripture you referenced. And of course the creative imagery you combined it with. Lovely!

  21. I've just been reading about your prison ministry. What awesome things you can accomplish when you team up with God! You are an amazing lady. I've prayed that your ministry will yield much fruit.

  22. Wow, what a gorgeous journal page!! The quote is so beautiful!! Absolutely stunning!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  23. Thanks for sharing your artwork and journal over at WholeHearted Wednesday each week. I so appreciate your stopping by each week.

  24. Your artwork and journal are beautiful. I love the story of the olive tree. Thank you for sharing it and your New Wine Skins artwork at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


  25. Absolutely beautiful, Patsy! Another HUGE encouragement to me, and I thank you so much for sharing.
    God bless you!
    Word Art Wednesday

  26. Love the info on the olive tree.
    I can confirm that it really does stay true, ours has survived, flood, snow and drought!!! It is planted outside in the garden now and loves it, maybe some olives one year would be nice...........
    Bishopsmate #48

  27. Oh, I love this! I love all the information about the olive tree and how it we can be like it. I love that verse, too, but you have really brought it to life for me, even though I've read it many times. I'm always so blessed when I visit you!

    Thank you, again, for linking up on the Counting Our Blessings on Tuesday link up! I always look forward to seeing your link. :)

    Many blessings - Julie

  28. I am so excited to find you... I have been art journaling for only 2 months... I am shocked at the amount of people who are into weirdness and ungodly beliefs, ect ect,,, I am so excited to find and follow you.... thanks!


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