Thursday, June 05, 2014

Paint Party Friday: More Than Wonderful!

John 17:20-26 is awesome!!!

This is what Jesus is saying 
to you and me:
"I pray for all of you who believe in me, 
that we may ALL be one, 
just as the Father is in Me,
I will be in you! 
I want you to be brought to perfection,
I want you to know how much, 
how much! Our Father loves you! 
Just as much as He loves me! 
You are a gift to me! 
I want you to be where I am, 
to know what I know 
and to see what I see! " 

There is sooo much more in this passage
but I am 
already overwhelmed and humbled 
by the absurdity of Jesus' love for me!

I am reminded of this song,
which is one of my old time favorites!!!

I will be in Vietnam till Wednesday next week,
and I don't know 
if I will be able to post from there!

If by any chance, you want to see 
what I'll be painting from over there,
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  1. "...the absurdity of Jesus' love for me!" Love this, Patsy! Have a safe trip!


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