Monday, June 02, 2014


"Most blessed are you among women..." Luke 1:42

From the Word Among Us-
"While this meeting between 
Mary and Elizabeth is unique,
there is something here that we can all experience. 

As baptized believers, 
each one of us is capable
of bearing Christ to the world.
If our eyes were opened 
to the glory of this truth, 
we too would rejoice
and be humbled in the presence of so holy a vessel 
as a sister or brother in Christ. 
Lord Jesus, just as You opened Elizabeth's eyes in the 
presence of Mary, 
please open my eyes to those who also bear Christ. 
Help me to honor
the potential of each person 
to be filled with the Holy Spirit."
This reading from Ephesians 
should have MANY 
exclamation points and capitals!

"May the EYES of your HEART be enlightened!
that you may know what is the HOPE that
belongs to His call!
what are the RICHES of GLORY!
in His INHERITANCE! among the HOLY ones!
and what is the SURPASSING
for US who BELIEVE!"
Ephesians 1:18-19

This is why we pray and read God's Word-
to know the hope that is ours
when we follow Him,
the riches of our inheritance,
the power we have when we believe!

If we don't have intimacy with God,
we don't know Him as our father,
how can we claim what is
rightfully ours as
His sons and daughters?
We would be like pitiful orphans, lost children.
Of what value are promises
if we don't claim them?
What is the use of gold, riches,
power, if we don't know they are ours?

 "In the world you will have trouble,
but take COURAGE,
I have conquered the world."
John 16:33

There's no doubt about trouble!
We all have it in one form or another!
It's the way we deal with it that defines us!

Some act as if everything depends on them.
And then there are those who know 
there is Someone who never leaves them,
the One who says, "Take COURAGE,
I have conquered the world."

 I have to confess I am of the second variety.
In our business, I have to depend on God a lot
because I am not much of a "business expert".

If we have problems of any kind,
my solution is PRAYER!
If our sales are low, I pray!
If we have problems with the BIR 
or City Hall, I pray!
If we have an employee that
needs correction or dismissal,
I pray!
If I need to make a decision, I pray!

God is our PARTNER in our business
and I can take COURAGE in the future
because Jesus has not only 
conquered the world,
He has conquered our business!


  1. When you take a walk, you have to move, taking courage means moving closer to trusting God. The card is superb. Thank you so much for taking time to post this absolutely wonderful work of art with us at Word Art Wednesday.

  2. Such lovely art! Yes, take courage - did you know that command is repeated four times in the first chapter of Joshua (if I'm remembering correctly)? Visiting from Unforced Rhythms.


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