Friday, March 20, 2015

PPF: My Eyes See You!

 "Joseph, son of David, have no fear..." Matthew 1:20
I find it quite amazing that in the Bible, a book filled with the exploits of men, there is hardly anything said about Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. Only 2 of the Gospels mention him, Matthew and Luke. We celebrate Saint Joseph's Feast Day today in the Catholic Church.
Ever since Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines, the statue of the sleeping Saint Joseph has been quite popular. Pope Francis revealed that he had one, and that when he had difficulties, he would write them on a piece of paper and ask Saint Joseph to pray with him about it.
In the Gospel of Saint Matthew, Saint Joseph gets clear directions from God while he is asleep TWICE! In Matthew 1:20, Joseph is told by an angel in a dream,not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife, as the child in her womb was conceived by the Holy Spirit. In chapter 2, verse 13, he is directed by an angel,while dreaming, to flee to Egypt for their safety.

 God speaks to us in different ways, but we need discernment to know what comes from Him, and what comes from our own desires. Geza Vermes, a British scholar and noted authority on ancient Aramaic writings on the life of Jesus, stated that the term for "carpenter" and "son of a carpenter" ,used in the Jewish Talmud, signifies a very learned man.
Learned man or not, what we know is Joseph was kind and compassionate, a man of faith who obeyed God wherever He led. How beautiful to be a man or woman, obeying God whether awake or asleep!!!
 "Let us see whether His words be true." Wisdom 2:17

Do we know God? Do we know that His words are true?  Or do we merely know about God?  Even if our bibles are full of lines and colors and notes, or paintings (like mine), it doesn't mean we know God.  It may just mean we know about Him.  Can we say like Job, that "I heard of You but now my eyes see You." (Job 42:5)  

There are so many bible studies available online, so many books to read, so much preaching on Youtube and the whole world wide web, but it is only head knowledge if we do not take what we learn and try to put it into practice.  We need revelation not information.  We need to "see whether His words are true".  

I know His words are true because I put Him to the test all the time. (Malachi 3:10)  I just do what I can, and let God do what I can't do.  In our business, I have to pray a lot about all sorts of small and big things.  I'm smart but not that smart.  I'm capable but not that capable.  I'm forgetful, disorganized, my mouth says the wrong things, but if I do my best, God will take care of the rest.  The list of what I have to do and take care of is long, and just got even longer (the manager of UP Town Center called last night to offer us a space! Answered prayer!).  As long as I get up early in the morning to pray and read the Bible, I know I can depend on Him who keeps His promises, and who gives so many good things! 


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  1. Gorgeous art as always!
    Happy PPF!

  2. We just finished watching the movie, "God's Not Dead". It is an excellent, inspiring film. As you said, our faith has to go beyond knowing about God to actually knowing him. I'm so glad your business situation worked out. I loved what you said about realizing your abilities while also realizing your limitations. No matter how capable we are, we must not rely on our own capabilities.
    Blessings on your weekend dear friend,

  3. Wonderful, thoughtful work this week! Happy PPF :)

  4. Patsy, beautiful art, inspirational to the eye and soul. As usual a super post. Thank you so much for posting your entry with us at Word Art Wednesday this week.
    Many Blessings, Carole


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