Friday, November 06, 2015

Paint Party Friday: Rejoice with Me!

Here is what I painted on my Bible this morning
and yesterday morning.

 "Give an account of your stewardship..." Luke 16:2
The Parable of the Shrewd Manager in the 16th chapter of Luke is not as popular as the Parable of the Prodigal Son which precedes it. I know its because it is quite difficult to understand. Every time I come across it, i just want to ignore it. Here we have a rich man with a steward who did not do a good job of taking care of his property. He asks the steward to give account of what he has been doing. This shrewd man, knowing he was losing his job, went to each of his master's debtors, and one by one, reduced their debt by 20 to 50%!!!! When the Master learns about this crafty move, he PRAISES the steward for his shrewdness. Now what's that all about?

 When the steward reduced the debts of his master's debtors, he was taking care of his future. He knew that by helping these men, they would be indebted to him, and they would take care of him. This would ensure that he would not have to dig ditches nor would he have to go begging. If we are shrewd, we act with wisdom, insight and astuteness. It's a word often used with good business people. Jesus is saying in this parable, that business people are shrewd because they think and plan ahead, and make good use of their money. Sons of light, or us Christians, should also be shrewd in thinking and planning for our future. We should use our money to lay treasures in heaven. Do we pray about our budget, do we put our resources in God's hands? Do we have a long term perspective about our money, investing in God's work, helping to spread His kingdom on earth? When we do that, we are putting treasure in the heavenly vault. We need not fear devaluation, or thieves getting in and stealing it! Lord, help me to be shrewd about our money. Help me to trust and obey You when it comes to our finances personally, and also in our business. Thank You!

 "Rejoice with me!" Luke 15:9
In Jesus' time, one usually knew a woman was married if she wore a headdress with 10 silver coins. This was usually a dowry from her father to provide for her family if times got tough. The woman in Jesus' parable of the lost coin, was probably searching for one of the coins from her headdress. That is why she was so frantic and anxious. It was very precious to her. It was valuable and had much significance. Every day she would wear her headdress, and she would know immediately, when she took it off to keep it at night, that one of them was missing. After sweeping every nook and cranny of her home, she found it, she rejoiced and called her neighbors to rejoice with her. She celebrated with an impromptu party!

We are that lost coin. Just as that Greek drachma had the face of Caesar inscribed, each of us bears the image and likeness of our Creator. When Jesus told this parable to the righteous Pharisees, He was telling them how precious and valuable each tax collector is to Him, each sinner. God pursues us, each one of us, as if we are that lost coin on His headdress. We have a place reserved for us. As there is a place reserved for the Pharisee who rejects Him. Thank you Lord that we are precious to You! That You will pursue as no matter what! That is such a comfort for me who sometimes acts likes a Pharisee!


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  1. Patsy, This is such a super post and a wonderful iamge. Thank you so much for taking time to post your very creative art with us this week at Word Art Wednesday in our 208th AG challenge! Blessings, Carole

  2. Such lovely art. Happy PPF

  3. Interesting the way you have used modern pictures and transformed them to biblical times.
    Happy PPF to you.

  4. I Love the pictures on the bible. So beautiful. It brings things to life. Thank you for sharing this. I would love for you to come join us on Tuesdays on the Purposeful Faith linkup. I know so many would delight in your images!

  5. Thanks for this wonderfully inspiring post! Beautiful artwork. I'm your neighbour at Coffee For Your Heart :)

  6. I love drawings on book pages. :)


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