Friday, November 13, 2015

Paint Party Friday: Wonderful Music!

 "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man." Luke 17:26

During the end times Jesus tells us, it would be much like in the time of Noah, when people mocked what Noah was doing, and they continued with their licentious ways. Today there are many "prophets" saying we are in the end times, and whether we are or not, what is true is we are nearer than at any time in history.  We should not wait for bad things to happen before we think about turning to God. 

There is a story of Paganini, the great violinist.  He was going to play before an audience when he realized that the violin in his hand was not the valuable violin he was used to. He stood paralyzed for a moment, told his audience about the mistake, and went backstage to look for his violin. When he realized it had been stolen and replaced with an old second hand instrument, he went onstage and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I will show you that the music is not in the instrument, but in the soul." That night Paganini played as he had never played before, and the audience was enraptured.

 How wonderful if we mere mortals could give to our God the most wonderful music whatever the circumstances of our life. Whether it is our body that is battered with sickness, or we are in financial difficulty, or we have insurmountable problems, like Paganini, we can triumph in the arena of life.  And it will not matter if we are in the end times or the beginning of the end times or nowhere near the end times! 

"The reign of God is already in your midst." Luke 17:21

Most people think of the Bible as a religious book, but it is really a testament, a covenant between a King and His people. It is amazing that God wants us to know His heart, what His will and intent​ is.​ That is why the Bible was written- so we would have a record of what God did to make us His very own.  ​The Kingdom of god is already in our midst, Jesus said. We are part of his royal family, as we are children of the King. Myles Munroe, an evangelist, once said that God had a colonization project. He wanted to expand His kingdom, to make earth a colony of heaven. Are we doing our part as God's children to bring His plan about?


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  1. I always enjoy your inspirational posts and the art that accompanies them. Have a great week.

  2. I like the painting with the white flowers. I'm looking at it trying to figure out how you put it together. Are they white because you painted them in or left white from the paper? Which leaves me wondering how you painted around them. Either way, I am really drawn to that painting!

  3. Visiting from AEDM, so glad I did. you're a very good artist, to be able to do that drawing on a magazine page is really terrific. I love the turquoise used in the other piece. Very inspiration indeed.

  4. Hi, Patsy! I'm visiting from AEDM, and am so happy to have found your beautiful and inspiring blog. Have a wonderful weekend! :o)

  5. I love what you wrote--your insights are profound. I also adore your artwork. Thank you so much for posting with so much hope and light. My precious Mumsie says the Bible is a letter from Him Who created her--the One Who loves her. I like that a lot.


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