Monday, March 21, 2016

Extravagant Love!

 "That perfume was worth a small fortune." John 12:5
I like the retelling of the story of Mary of Bethany and her alabaster jar sung by Lillie McCloud. She is able to capture the poignancy of the moment when Mary pours this precious oil, this expensive perfume on Jesus' feet. Mary's offering was worth a year's wages, 300 denarii we are told, and came from far away, a place in Northern India. Was Mary so rich that she could afford to just give this away? But she broke her beautiful container to get every ounce of that ointment to wash Jesus' dirty feet with. And she wiped it with her long unbound hair. Why?

The song goes, "Though she spoke no words, everything she said was heard, as she poured her love for the Master from her box of alabaster. I've come to pour my praise on him, like oil from Mary's alabaster box...I can't forget the way life used to be. I was a prisoner to the sin that had me bound and I spent my days, poured my life without measure into a little treasure box I'd thought I'd found. Until the day Jesus came to me and healed my soul with the wonder of His touch. So now I'm giving back to Him all the praise He's worthy of. I've been forgiven and that's why I love Him so much!" 

Do we realize how much God loves us that we are willing 
to respond to Him with an extravagant love? 
A love that costs us something? 
Are we aware of God's forgiveness and mercy that we desire 
to be wildly generous and give God the best of us, our "first fruits"? 
In John 12:3, it described that the whole house was filled with fragrance. 
Although Mary did not say anything, 
every one who was there (except Judas!) knew that 
Mary was offering a pure worship to Jesus. 

Lord, I am so unworthy, and so lacking in gratitude. 
As the Lenten season comes to a climax this next week, 
help me to see Your face more fully, 
and the sacrifice You offered on the cross for me. 
Help me to love You with a wildly generous love, 
the same love You have for me! I do not deserve this love Lord, 
but You surround me with it! 
Thank you Lord!!!!


  1. Patsy, your page is so poignant with the hair wiping the feet of the Master. YouTube link. Thank you so much for entering your creative and beautiful art in our AG FF challenge.
    Blessings, Carole
    Word Art Wednesday DT Member

  2. What a beautiful picture of extravagant love.

  3. Patsy, this is a poignant post. Your words made me think. Especially this:
    "Do we realize how much God loves us that we are willing
    to respond to Him with an extravagant love?
    A love that costs us something?"

    It's easy to offer Jesus a gift that costs us nothing. But am I so in love with Him that I will be intentional about showing Him? That my love will cost me something? Thanks so much for sharing these words!

    I'm your neighbor at #RaRaLinkup today. I'm so glad I got to "meet" you!

  4. Beautiful - happy Easter dear Patsy!
    Thanks for joining us at Inspire Me Monday! :-)

  5. Your art is amazing, Patsy. God has blessed you with such an awesome talent in all that you create. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us at Word Art Wednesday. I'm so blessed to have you play along in our challenges. It means so much to me. I'd also LOVE to have you stop by my personal blog to visit me and say hello when you get a spare moment. Have a blessed week, and thanks again for joining us.
    Word Art Wednesday


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