Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WOYWW: Burning Hearts!

 Here is what I've been busy with.
I have stopped my painting for a while,
and have done some packing up.
Art in the Park, an affordable art fair, is this Sunday already,
and I have to prepare what I have to bring.
The next day, a Monday, we are going to El Nido,
and I have to pack for that too!

 Here is one of the paintings I have for sale.
A fish vendor with an extra colorful dress!

 "Were not our hearts burning within us...?" Luke 24:32

Jesus is alive! That's what we shout every Easter. He is risen! But in a very real way, His Word is alive too! "For the Word of God is ALIVE and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires."

When I was in High School, some Gideon missionaries came and distributed Bibles. I still have it, with the date written on the front page. January 27, 1971.  To receive one, we had to make a promise to read it every day. I promised because the Bible was so cute, and I did not have one. So I started reading a chapter a day until I got to John 12. In my little Bible, there is a verse encircled with a question mark. "The one who loves his life will lose it, but the one who hates his life in this world will preserve it to eternal life.". Well, I LOVED my life, and I could not understand why I would lose it because I loved it, so I STOPPED reading the Bible! The Words certainly exposed my innermost thoughts and desires! At that time, I was not willing to even explore further what the verse meant. 

Then when I got older, I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit after a Life in the Spirit Seminar. After that, I would read and read the Bible. I would underline almost all the verses with my yellow highlighter or a ballpen. My old Bible is full of lines and notes all around the margins. I could not get enough of God's Word and it really spoke to me. The Words would jump out of the Bible. 

In the story in Luke 24, two of the followers of Jesus were walking to Emmaus when Jesus joined them. They did not recognize Jesus at first, but while Jesus explained the scriptures to them, their hearts burned. In the same way, if the Spirit of Jesus is with us while we read the Bible, the Word comes alive and full of power. Lord, may Your Word burn within me, and transform the way I think and act. Holy Spirit, teach me and help my faith grow!


  1. Have fun selling your work at the art in the park sale may you sell out hugs Nikki ??

  2. Have a good time and good luck! Helen #1

  3. Have fun & hope you sell lots of your lovely art work. Jill #6

  4. success with art in the park, the painting of the fish vendor is very fresh. Happy WOYWW Vicky #8

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  6. i like the idea of highlighted phrases in your bible and how you use yours. It certainly makes it speak to you more easily.
    Good luck at the fair. Enjoy.
    Lynn 14 xx

  7. Great artwork..good luck at the fair..Elaine #19

  8. Morning Patsy. I do trust the art fair goes well on Sunday, and that you have a good time away. Our daughter asked for a journaling Bible for her Christmas present this last year - and she has shown us some of the work she has done in it. My old Bible has loads of underlining, as well. It helps us to remember God's word in a very special way. Soooo glad you have received of the Holy Spirit in your life, and know the joy of the Baptism of the Spirit. You mention when you were given that first Bible - it was that year, I realise as I think about it, that I was baptised in the Spirit! Wow - so long ago now...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #21

  9. Morning patsy -love your painting! Hope the fair goes well - happy packing! Cindy #27

  10. Great good luck at the sale, I love the idea that it's affordable and just know that I'd like to own a pice of it!

  11. Awesome journal page as always. Good luck this weekend.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #34

  12. Beautiful painting! Good luck at the art fair. Hope you share pictures with us.

    Sharon K #42

  13. I love your art and ministry. Always a blessing to drop by. Thanks, neighbor! Stay blessed!

  14. Good luck with the packing and I hope you do extremely well at the art fair. Love the painting of the lady with fish. Wishing you a happy crafty week. Elizabeth x #46

  15. Your artwork is amazing Patsy and I love your prayer at the end, simple yet profound in how it can impact our lives. Blessings to you on this Wednesday.

  16. Lovely post Patsy. Sometimes the words we read are not easily understood. God's word surely burns within you and will light your way. Have a good time at the art fair. peg 56

  17. Hope the sale goes well. Your artwork always amazes me. Take care. Zo xx 41

  18. Thanks I received your gift in the mail today, after all these years! Your pretty card said April 2013. I will acknowledge you in this week's PPF.

  19. Have fun at the Art fair. Great painting

    Lilian B #72


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