Tuesday, November 07, 2017


“A man prepared a great feast and sent out many invitations.” Luke 14:16

In yesterday’s Gospel, Jesus instructed us that when we celebrate,  we should invite those who cannot repay us for our hospitality. We can invite the poor, the sick, the blind. We can go to the city jail and hold a party there. It does not mean all will come. In Jesus’ story in Luke 14:15-24, a man gave a dinner party and none of those invited came. He instructed his servants to go out quickly and bring in anyone the servants come across. “I want my house to be full!” 

Sometimes when we have a party, not all can make it. Some guests have valid reasons, some make feeble excuses. Some may be sick, some may just be lazy.

Each one of us has a special invitation to dine with the King. Each one has a special place prepared. Are we ready to come right now? We never know when the door opens and our presence is requested! Perhaps we are dawdling. I’ll be more serious about God when I’m older. I’m having too much fun now. I’m sure God will bring me in, He’s just too good to slam the door on me! I’m just to busy, I’ll leave all that to my wife! I can’t find the time to read the instructions on the invitation. 

Lord, thank You for Your invitation, and that You did all the hard work for me! All I need is to put on my white robe of righteousness and I may enter into Your Kingdom. 

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