Thursday, November 02, 2017

Open Book Exam

“Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty or away from home or naked or ill or in prison and not attend You in Your needs?” Matthew 25:44

Isn’t it a relief when you come for a difficult, life changing exam, and the teacher declares, “You may open your books, you may search google, you can ask your seat mate for the answers,” and then leaves. In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus the teacher reveals a very important answer to the life and death question, “How do I get into heaven? How do I inherit the eternal riches of my Father’s Kingdom?” 

Now and again, we should go through this passage like a checklist so during exam time, we can answer, “Yes Lord, I gave You food when You begged for it through my car’s window. I visited and prayed over You when You were sick. I went to visit You in prison, brought food for Your body and soul.” We should go through the checklist and DO whatever we have missed. Uh oh, I gave my worst clothes to the victims of the typhoon. I did not invite any stranger to my home.

Thank You Lord for giving us clear instructions so we can live with You one day. It’s not so difficult because You did the impossible part, giving Your life for us. Thank You for Your promise that You will finish what You started in us. Help us to love! 

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