Friday, December 01, 2017

Eternal Words

“The heavens and earth will pass away, but My Words will not pass.” 
Luke 21:33

Yesterday, I attended a recollection with a group of brothers and sisters in our community. One of the questions, Menchie, our facilitator, gave us to meditate on was, “What are the longings of your heart?”

I realized that every morning as I read the Word of God, painted and pondered, I was always in awe of what a treasure we had available to us. It was like I opened a treasure box every morning in anticipation of what I would find. And the longing in my heart was that more and more people would realize this, value God’s Word, see the truth that the enemy wants to hide. 

We spend a lot of time doing worthless things. I confess that sometimes I go on Netflix binges. I marathon watched Drop Dead Diva and Stranger Things. I get so busy sewing, painting, pasting stuff, and enjoying myself. I get lost in all the work I have to do in our family business. But I always always spend time with God and His Word first thing in the morning. I know that of all the many things I do in my day, the only things that have any value eternally is to read and obey God’s word, to love God and to love my neighbor. Everything else will pass away. 

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