Friday, March 02, 2018

Master Dreamer

“Here comes that master dreamer...” Genesis 37:19

Joseph was being ridiculed by his brothers for being a dreamer. But unlike other dreamers I know, Joseph’s dreams were not of his own making. God was the one who gave him those special dreams. His brothers became jealous of Joseph especially since their father Jacob gave him a beautiful many colored coat. Instead of appreciating the uniqueness of Joseph and his gifts, most of his brothers spent their energy devising evil schemes to get rid of him. 

Is there someone we are envious of? Irritated with? Can’t stand? Sometimes we don’t like how a person speaks, dresses, or acts. Like you and me, this person is created in the image and likeness of God. Like you and me, he or she was created intricately, to be peculiarly special and distinct by the Master Himself. Our Father took as much care creating every human being as He took fashioning the hypergiant star, VY Canis Majoris. 

Our identity as God’s son or daughter is inherent in us. Intrinsic, built in, ingrained. No one can take that away. We don’t have to earn it. And no matter how many times we fail, we will still have this identity. And no matter how many times we succeed or receive accolades from the world, none of those honors will compare with how God sees us. We need to train our eyes to see with God’s eyes, and appreciate each person the way God loves us.

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