Wednesday, November 21, 2018

WOYWW: Give Love Away

I’m preparing for a workshop entitled “Learn how to make your Life Map”. It’s like a lesson on how to make a Vision Board but nothing on the Law of Attraction. It’s really about partnering with God to set down goals for 2019. 

“Invest this until I get back.” Luke 19:13

Some would say that the Parable of the Talents, where a rich man gives his servants money before going on a trip, is about love. When the rich man comes back, he asks for an accounting of how they invested the money and the servants who increased the amount of money were lauded, “Well done, good and faithful servant, you have been faithful in this small matter, take charge of ten cities!” God wants us to share the love and the gifts He has surrounded us with, and when we do, it has a multiplying effect. 

One of the most poignant true stories about sacrificial love was born out of the horrors of the Vietnam war. Mortar rounds landed on an orphanage run by a missionary group in a small village and some orphans were killed, many were wounded. 

An American Navy doctor and nurse arrived in response to a call for help. They found one young girl who was the most critically injured. She would die if she did not receive a blood transfusion. A quick test showed that several of the orphans were a match in blood type. Using pidgin Vietnamese, high school French and sign language, the doctor and nurse tried to explain that they needed a blood donor or the girl would die. 

The orphans stared listening with wide-eyes and after a long time, one little hand came up slowly, dropped down, and went back up again. The little boy named Heng was quickly laid on a pallet, and a needle inserted in his vein. After some time, Heng sobbed and covered his face with a free hand. “Does it hurt?” Heng shook his head, but sobs kept escaping until he cried steadily. His eyes were screwed tightly shut and his fist was in his mouth in an effort to stifle his sobs. 

When a Vietnamese nurse arrived, she talked to him, and Heng stopped crying and a look of relief spread over his face. The nurse explained to the Americans, “He did not understand you. He thought you were going to take all his blood so the little girl could live.” The Navy nurse asked, “Why did he volunteer?”

When the Vietnamese nurse asked Heng the question, he answered simply, “She’s my friend.” 

“Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.” (John 15:13) God has given us much. Do we share what we have with others or are we too scared like the servant in the parable, that we keep the love hidden away? 

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  1. Hi Patsy I’ve read that story before but every time I read it moves me deeply that is a real picture of true love.
    How God loves us too and sent His son for us, love the images you’ve drawn with the parable of the talents well done,
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x #20

  2. I loved that story - I am still affected by the Vietnam War, so much suffering for nothing ..... Thank you for sharing.
    Have a blessed week, Patsy.
    Christine #23

  3. What a moving story of true friendship Patsy. Love the bible journaling as always. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  4. What a wonderful story of selfless giving, how moving! I love that youre preparing a workshop to help others look toward 2019, how like you. I bet it will be a great workshop.

  5. Hi Patsy. Good luck in getting ready for the workshop, sounds interesting. Happy woyww, Angela x19x


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