Saturday, May 25, 2019

My Jerusalem

“...but the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them.” Acts 16:7

In 1978, I went on a month long trip around Europe with my mom. I enjoyed myself so much that when we got back home, I immediately started saving to return. Ten years after, on January 1, 1988, I prayed and said something like, “Lord, I already saved enough to go back to Europe. Can I go this year?” And “the Spirit of Jesus did not allow me”. Instead I heard, “Go to Jerusalem”.

I was very disappointed. Looking back, I cannot imagine not wanting to go visit the Holy Land! But back then, I was 32 years old and visiting Jerusalem meant a lot of praying and listening to sermons! So I said to God, “Ok God, You have to confirm that!” 

The next day during my prayer time I opened my Bible and out jumped the words, “Go to Jerusalem. That is where you will see my face.” So I set my face like flint towards Jerusalem, meaning it was painful and disappointing for me but I was resolved to obey what God wanted me to do. Just as an interesting side note, I never found that particular verse again in my Bible!!! 

That whole year, I tried to join tours to the Holy Land. I even gave downpayment for me and my mom, but the money was returned. Towards the end of the year, I asked God in frustration what He wanted, not knowing that I was already on the way to my Jerusalem. 

I was asked by Ate Belen Perreras if I wanted to join Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon (The Joy of the Lord), a Covenant community of Jesus’ disciples on mission. My answer to her was that she should discern for me because I was not sure I could hear the Lord anymore! I joined the introductory community weekend anyway. 

After the weekend, when the coordinator Kuya Raul Sarceda welcomed us to Ligaya, he explained, “In our district we have a yearly theme. This year our theme is "Holiness: Following Jesus to Jerusalem. To be led where we would rather not go. (John 21:18)"

I thought the theme was very strange! Who makes a theme like that? But I had a feeling that Ligaya was my Jerusalem. When we were singing our hearts out to God, the head knowledge that Ligaya was my Jerusalem travelled down to my heart. It was like something concrete going down from my head to my heart and I could follow its path. When it reached my heart, God spoke and said, "Yes, this is your Jerusalem."

And because I obeyed God and did not go where I wanted to go, I have seen His face in my brothers and sisters in Ligaya! 

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