Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday?

In my journal for today:

What's so good about Good Friday????
It's good because it's all about love,
love of the best kind.

After Jesus taught the disciples
during his last supper with them,
how to love-
by putting others FIRST,
by washing His disciples feet
like a servant,

He now finishes His lesson with the
ultimate example of
giving His life for others,
for us.

"This is how much I love you.
I am willing to give my life for you."

If you think about it,
who are we, that the King of the Universe
is willing to die for us?
I guess that's why it's so difficult for many
to understand this faith we have.

But Jesus was a real man,
and He did many miracles.
He was wise and learned,
and many believed in Him even to the point of death.
He claimed He was God in so many ways
that was clear to the Jews at that time.
That is why He was put to death,
for blasphemy.

Our choice is to believe Him,
that He is who He says He is,
or to dismiss Him as a
charlatan, a lunatic, or worse,
the spawn of the devil!

He said, "FOLLOW ME,",
and He said if we followed His teachings,
we would be blessed,
because His teachings
were all about loving God,
and loving our neighbors.

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  1. patsy... your art is exquisite! i am so glad to have found you here... and your words are perfect for this easter friday; i will tuck them into my heart. i hope you keep sharing your work with us. e.

  2. No greater love! You said it well. Happy Easter to you!
    happy day

  3. It sure is, well said!! Happy Easter to you and your family, wishing you many blessings.

  4. Happy WOYWW Patsy and so very true! God bless you this Easter time! TFS!
    Shaz in oz.x

  5. I just am so impressed with how you put the art journaling and this post together...your heart must make Him so happy! I love your perspective, that this weekend is a lesson in love...I know that, but THAT message always seems to be overshadowed by His death...thank you for pouring the grace of love over all who read this!


  6. Wow, wow! Your header made me gasp and then I saw the ilustrated journals. These are absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad to have dropped by. I think I need to peek around a little more.

  7. Anonymous8:15 PM

    So beautiful! Thank you for this lovely post today!

    I'm visiting from Studio JRU. God bless!

  8. Oh, Patsy, your work is beautiful, and your words are so true! Happy Easter to you and your family, and thank you for linking up with my blog!

  9. What beautiful artwork! You have such a talent! Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us! Have a blessed Easter!

  10. Wonderful post Patsy! And your art is just beautiful... all for HIM. I love that! Thank you so much for joining us 'in the studio' and sharing your heart! Happy Easter! :)

  11. just been blessed ... by your post ... this easter sunday morning ... I believe in Jesus too ... love is a verb ... sonya la


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