Monday, April 18, 2011

Keeping Watch with Jesus

Jesus asked his disciples,
"Could you not keep watch with me for an hour?"
(Matthew 26)
I hear His frustration here.
He knows what is about to happen,
and He knows how His disciples are going
to need strength and grace.
Yet, they cannot stay awake
and keep vigil while Jesus prays,
and goes through the pain of knowing
what He has to prepare for.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.
Believers around the world
may choose to keep vigil with Jesus.
Yes, it is finished,
but it is but right to
watch as he is anointed with oil at Bethany,
as He is betrayed by one of His own,
as He is brought to trial,
as He is crucified...

To watch so we may better appreciate
His sacrifice,
so we may offer, like Mary,
a sacrifice of our heart
in gratitude.

I am truly amazed how much
God loves us,
that He loved us first,
and did everything,
so we could join Him
in His Kingdom!

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  1. I, too, want to be like Mary, and sacrifice daily for Him, who first loved me.

  2. I suspect God feels the same way about me sometimes, wondering how I can't keep my eyes open to see Him in my everyday.

    Love your artwork here!

  3. What a thought provoking post...

  4. Beautiful artwork, to compliment a thoughtful post.

    I too am constantly amazed at how much God loves is.

  5. Good heavens, where have you been all my life and how did I miss this wonderful, inspiring, beautiful blog!!! I'm in love with your blog. I could spend days on here. I think you might be the source of inspiration I've been lacking lately. I can't wait to get home from work and really dig into all your blog has to offer. Thank you!!

  6. "Believers around the world
    may choose to keep vigil with Jesus."...oh watch and in Heaven, so on earth...

    What lovely art to go with your writing!

  7. I love you art. :) Great post!

  8. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Just simple, yet so hard to let go of what keeps us here.

    His love knows no bounds...why then do we want to give it boundaries?

    Mrs. M.

  9. Thank you for your beautiful art work that illustrates the truth of Easter.


    ps. My parents lived in the Philippines for 13 years. My dad trained pastors.

  10. I am intrigued with your beautiful artwork. Coupled with your words they speak to my heart.

    Offering a sacrifice of my heart,


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