Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Visitation

Today I read about Mary's visit
to Elizabeth in Ain Karim
(or in Hebrew, Ein Kerem).

You can read all about it in Luke 1:39-56.
But it is best to read from the beginning
of the first chapter of Luke.

The interesting parts for me are
that John the Baptist was filled with
the Holy Spirit even before he was born (v. 15).
When his mother, Elizabeth,
heard Mary's greeting,
even if he was still in the womb,
he leaped in her womb!
Both Elizabeth and John the baby Baptist
were filled with the Spirit!
He recognized Jesus!

The Visitation by Brigid Marlin

How wonderful that Mary
was such a kindred spirit to Elizabeth
that she hastened to tell her the amazing news!
"While this meeting between Mary and Elizabeth
is unique, there is something here
that we can all experience.
As baptized believers, each of us is capable
of bearing Christ to others.
If our eyes were opened to this truth,
we too would rejoice and be humbled
in the presence of so holy a vessel
as a sister or brother in Christ.

"Even nonbelievers would move us to
great reverence because they too are created
in God's image and have just as much potential
of being filled with the Holy Spirit.
If God has so honored human beings this way,
how could we fail to show them equal honor?"
Word Among Us
May our eyes be open,
may our spirit be sensitive
to all who bring Christ's love
and words and teachings to us.
May we not fall into the trap of thinking
that it has to be a godly person,
or someone we look up to and respect.
It may be a child, a beggar,
a prisoner, a telemarketer,
or even a beauty queen!
Patricia DiBella collage

May we recognize Jesus
when He passes by us,
when He lingers beside us,
or gives us a phone call!

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Soli Deo Gloria.


  1. Something really amazing happened to me, once, and everytime I read about Jesus and JtB in the wombs of their mothers, I smile. Your art is just absolutely incredible! Found you via graceful.

  2. yes, may we have eyes to see...

  3. Beautiful post, Patsy. Something we all need to think about.

  4. These are beautiful pictures of women in community.


  5. I love this! My favorite part: "each of us is capable
    of bearing Christ to others."

    When I take this context in the visuals you have given me -- the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist in the womb, it inspires me to act -- in the ways of Jesus.

  6. And I love that you list a telemarketer as a potential Jesus -- so true that we often overlook those "regular" people who can also bear the face of God!

  7. Hi Patsy from the Philippines! I got so tickled at you fish in the tree! Birds really are pretty hard to draw. I have to erase alot! Thanks for your comment! I love your art too.

  8. My daughter and 2 cousins were expecting at the same time and it always reminds me of Mary and Elizabeth. Your art feeds my creativity. Do you ever give lessons?

    "May we recognize Jesus..." These words challenge me.


  9. Great post, Patsy. I totally agree.


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