Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

Here's my desk for your perusing.
It's very crowded as I have a small desk.
One canvas is on top of another.
This is the canvas on top.
It's still a long way from done.
This is the canvas at the bottom.
Did some experimenting with
undertones for the skin
and I'm afraid I just made her look
like she had a rash or something.
I need a LOT of practice!
This is the 3rd canvas,
also a work in progress.
It didn't fit on top of the table and
is lying on top of a magazine,
on top of a box of crochet thread,
which is balancing on top of goodness knows what!

Because there was no space on my desk,
I had to do my journal on my lap.
I was reading about St. Paul,
and how the Jews in Antioch
were so enraged at his preaching,
that they stoned him and
dragged him out of the city
thinking he was dead.
The very next day, he was out
preaching again!!
Now, how does a man do that,
where does he get his fire,
his passion, his conviction?

In Corinthians, St. Paul claims,
"I am what I am what I am
by the grace of God."

And we are what we are
by the grace of God too!

Visit the amiable Julia of Stamping Ground
for more desks and ongoing projects.


  1. your desk never disappoints! love your work!


  2. i like what you say about grace...and your work desk is inspiring...with all the projects you are working on...

  3. gorgeous canvases!

  4. great paintings,great workspace, Happy WOYWW 103, one more week to the PIF and the 2nd Anniversary, #18

  5. I'd never dare work on one canvass while it was on top of another, I'd get paint and glue on the one below! Love the one with the flowers on it.

  6. Well you've certainly created some choices to work on in between everything else! Love what I'm seeing and the House canvas brings me to ask - how do you know when they're finished?
    (I've corrected the link..but it stuffs up your number now, sorry!_

  7. Beautiful work! I read back several posts and have to say you are very talented and God definitely has gifted you! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #48

  8. So much work on the go at once, I don't know how you keep up with it all. Beautiful work too. You have been blessed.
    Hugs, Neet #11

  9. always such joy colour and artfulness to be seen on your desk...
    Thanks for sharing, have a great week.
    Sarah at 18 (Sasa)

  10. love your work! I know how you feel about lack of space on your workdesk!

  11. hi Patsy they are thumbnails, not the full image, enable pop ups on your web browser and then double click on the image, if you click and nothing happens you will usually get a display in the top bar of your web browser saying "pop ups blocked not a trusted site" alot of people have pop ups blocked without knowing it affects thumbnails and image viewing too,

    you have a lovely post today and I too sometimes journal on my lap, and eat and drink and do Mac stuff too!!!


  12. wow you are very talented, love your canvas's

  13. such a pleasure to read your posts and look at your art too.
    JoZarty x

  14. You might think you need lots more practice, but your work is stunning now.

  15. Hi Patsy, I'm always amazed at your creativity. Whenever I take a look at your desk I'm always inspired to have a go myself. Your idea's are always so fresh and original.
    Kathleen x

  16. beautiful art as always!

  17. Wonderful work again . Thank you for sharing. have a great week
    Anne x

  18. i love the tree with the clock face- your work is very happy,filled with good energy.

  19. I like the journal page a lot! The canvases are beautiful, the tree looks very interesting. the colors you use are gorgeous. And I can't see a rash on the girl's skin.

  20. Your pieces are very delicate and dreamlike. I love the multicolored pastel background. Your pictures are very charming and lovely.

  21. Love the house canvas, love them both. very talented! Thank you for my Wednesday snoop, (bit late) have a good week, Happy WOYWW

  22. You are working on some beautiful paintings... and I can tell you have been spending a lot of time on pinterest. Sorry for getting you hooked!

  23. Beautiful canvases :) You are very talented.

  24. I am so glad to have found your blog......Your work is beautiful and so inspiring. I'll definitely be back for visits.....

    Hugs and blessings


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