Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday

This is what's on my desk this morning.
A mixed media piece
on a wall puttied canvas.
The flowers are of paper and fabric.
There is some sewing on it and on the stems.
Have not decided what to do with the veil.

I have been working overtime
as my brother and his friends
organized an Arts and Crafts Fair
and my sister and I are going to rent a table.

I finished my other canvas
and will be selling it at the Fair.
I'm rather conflicted about selling this
and have no idea how to price it!
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  1. gorgeous canvas, Thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long to WOYWW 104 - the 2nd anniversary, #2 - Sarpreet

  2. Your canvases are stunning, lovely colours and textures and I can't help with the pricing as I never have a clue what to charge for stuff either!! Annette #3

  3. Fabulous canvases, love the textures and vibrant colours. Good look selling them.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

  4. Good luck with the craft fair im sure you will sell loads of your work as it's amazing.Just dont under cut yourself whihc soo many crafters out prices materials ect and dont forget add your time.
    Have fun hope it goes to plan.
    Happy Creative wednesday
    hugs judex 8

  5. Good luck - beautiful work - I'd find it hard to part with them! TFS Elaine#16

  6. Oooh lovely artwork again! Good luck with the craft fair. Sunshine Girl No. 24

  7. I love these canvases! I can't help with pricing either, I am afraid. Good luck with the sale!

  8. I hate putting prices to my works. I love the serene look on the ladies face with the veil.

  9. Love both those canvasses. I'd have no idea about pricing, but they are superb. Wishing you every sucess with the craft fair.

  10. Hey Patsy - so sorry I have been away and negligent in catching up - thank you for the beautiful ATC, I look at everyday and it makes me smile.

    re. the craft fair stall - work out how many hours it took when you set your price and pay yourself minimum wage - if your buyers Baulk at your prices it's up to you if you are willing to drop your prices, but you must at least cover the cost of yoru materiwals ( which you should be able to cost out),

    sometimes fairs are fun and you feel you have been rewarded for your labour and art, sometimes literally nothing sells... either way you meet loads of lovely people who happily talk art....


  11. Happy WOYWW101 Patsy, only 3 to go..
    Love your desk you are busy! know what you mean about not want ting to part with things I always feel that way about mine too the longer it took to create the harder it is to part with it..all the best with your table! God bless, and thanks for sharing Shaz In Oz.x #21

  12. YOur brother's artwork on the sign is as exciting as yours, what a gift your family share! I can't help with emotions over wanting to keep things get in the way!! But am sure whatever, you'll have a really fun day.

  13. Loving your flowers and little house today and savouring the colours! Mmmmmm.


  14. Once again some lovely art work. Hope your work sells as well as it certainly should do at the fair...
    Good luck
    joZarty x

  15. Love your canvass and don't have a clue how to price anything, so if you find out, please let me know.
    Happy WOYWW

  16. What a lovely workspace you have! Your mixed media piece is very pretty. Best of luck with the arts and crafts sale; I hope it is a fun experience for you! Happy WOYWW!

  17. Lovely canvaas and good luck at the fair

  18. Hi Patsy, I love your work, it is so cheerful. The Provers 4 canvas is wonderful, I'd hang that on my wall!

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #102

  19. Hi Patsy!! Thank you for stopping by my blog to check out my desk and leaving the nice comment.. WOW!! Your work is beautiful!!! I love your blog and im putting you on my favorites to follow ..
    Hugs Norma

  20. Hi Patsy, You've made some beautiful canvases! So creative and colourful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. So much creativity here, such wonderful works of ART. thank you for showing xx

  22. Your work is so whimsical and happy .... Whoever becomes the new momma of it will love it and treasure it :)

  23. Your canvasses are so lovely. You really inspire me to have a go at mixed media.

  24. Beautiful work. I love the lady with the veil. Goodluck with your art/craft show.
    Hugs and blessings


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