Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hold On to Hope!

I'm one day late for the party,
but I didn't want to miss the fun!

 Here is the canvas I'm working on.
I have yet to attach the flowers
and put stems.
I also have to put wall putty
on her dress and paint it.
I think I'm going to name this
"Holding on to Hope". 
In my journal is a drawing of Aquila and Priscila,
two names mentioned in the Bible six times.
Paul in the Book of Romans said they
were his co-workers, as they also built tents.
They would hold prayer meetings
in their house as there were no churches yet.
They are mentioned again
in Acts 18, that they took time to 
disciple the learned and eloquent man, Apollos,
when they heard him speak in the synagogue.

Obviously, this couple did what they could
with what they had, to spread the Word
and build the Kingdom of God on earth! 
Even though sometimes they were persecuted 
and had to relocate because of persecution,
they continued to hold on to hope!

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Have a great day!


  1. Holding on to the perfect title for such a lovely painting.

  2. Love your art - really like hearing the story behind the art journal couple!

  3. Wonderful creations! Love the faces you do. :)

  4. Love the title and the paintings!

  5. Terrifc style and loving both off these. Happy PPF, x

  6. Really lovely paintings. Holding on to Hope is a perfect title.

  7. no way, you didn't miss the fun! Really nice work!

  8. Your work is just wonderful. I love all the texture that you were describing. Fab!!!

  9. Your canvas Holding on to hope is marvelous Patsy. Great work and beautiful details. Both are wonderful creations/
    Thank for visit my blog and your lovely comment.I will be visit you again.
    Have a nice weekend and lovely greet

  10. The canvas id coming along so beautifully... really like where you are going with it... looking forward to seeing the finished product xx

  11. i think you've perfectly captured her wistfulness. what a perfect name for the piece.

  12. Great work! I love hearing your thoughts behind the art! Holding on to Hope is a beautiful title. I love the word hope, love the gift of hope. So glad you joined us 'in the studio' this weekend! :)

  13. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hey Patsy. We're very blessed to live in an area where we are not persecuted to celebrate Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Holding onto Hope will instill faith. Terri

  14. Holding on to Hope, what a perfect title for your lovely painting!

    Thank you so much for posting my giveaway, I have included you in the surprise drawing as well. Best of luck!
    hugs Lynn

  15. Wonderful paintings!I think Holding on to Hop is a perfect title for you first one and it's always nice to see the bible come to life through art. :)

  16. Ahhh...I meant HOPE...Holding on to Hope!

  17. I love holding on to hope and your paintings are just so inspiring. never give up!

  18. I love your pages, and your heart. Thanks for visiting me and I hope to spend more time here too. xox Corrine

  19. Nice work Patsy, just stopping by for a visit.
    I like that you connect the Bible into your work.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  20. Super beautiful work..your pieces are gorgeous and full of harmony..lovely!

  21. very cool, thanks for sharing!

  22. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Painting and poetry, both are really nice!

  23. lovely pages, Patsy!!! have a good week!!

  24. dropping by from Sneak Peek Friday... lovely art and lovely use of words! (both in the meaning behind and on your paintings). :D


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