Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WOYWW 130: Delighting in God's Word

It's Wednesday again and here we are showing off our desks

Here is a closer look at the canvas I am working on.
This is entitled "Delight Yourself in the Lord".
The little boy is reading the bible on top of the tree.
I am going to put a little girl on a swing 
on the right and the words on the left.

A close-up of my journal page from yesterday:
"Blessed are the EYES that see what you see."
Indeed so many prophets, kings and ordinary people
like you and me longed to know and see the Savior.
When we read the gospels, Jesus comes alive for us.

If you want to know what those numbers are,
I count my thanksgiving prayers to God!
A nice way to keep track of 
how many blessings I have!
One thousand one hundred six, 
since I started counting! 

Roman 10: 17 reads 
"Faith comes from what is heard, 
and what is heard comes through the word of Christ."

I drew myself listening to podcasts on my new Ipod.
My husband surprised me 
with an Ipod for my birthday,
and I started downloading inspirational podcasts,
because the bible says we can grow our faith
by hearing the Word! 

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

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Be blessed!


  1. Wow I always love visiting your desk you seem to get so much artwork done in a week - it takes me a week to get the paints out sometimes! Lovely artwork as always! especially love the boy in the tree one. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 4

  2. Wow thanks for sharing.

  3. love visiting your creative desk...thanks for the crafty snoop...Happy WOYWW...hugs kath (33)

  4. That is an AWESOME canvas. I love the little boy in the tree. Sorry I missed you last week. You were no less in my thoughts, though. Happy WOYWW from #7.

  5. Hi there and thanks for the peek into your creative zone. It looks like there is loads going on so thanks for sharing. Hope you have a brilliant week and have plenty of creative time! Your canvas is looking lovely already.
    Neil #24

  6. Oh my, I just love that canvas with the tree. It's gorgeous.

  7. As a mom of sons, I double love your picture. I used to climb trees and read, too!

  8. Love the way the Canvas and art journal are progressing! The tree and boy are beautiful! Cannot wait to see the addition of the little girl! Thanks for the inspirational verses! -Amanda#21

  9. I think that tree picture is perfect as it is. The leaves are particularly pleasing :)
    hugs, LLJ #40 xx

  10. The delight yourself in the Lord canvass is stunning.

  11. WOW great art work thanks for sharing

  12. Love your canvas and the journal pages. They are very uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #67

  13. I am so inspired by your creativity! May I come sit at your desk for just five minutes in hope that some of it will wear off? Your work is beautiful and it's so clear it comes from a deep and sacred place.

  14. Gorgeous artwork as usual, Patsy, made even more special by the theme of God's Word each time. Love the little boy in the tree! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #62

  15. What beautiful designs and sharing of your Scripture pictures and thoughts!! So glad I stumbled upon here from GMG link up! Thx for sharing your heart, love for God, and gifts!
    Hugs, HL

  16. Hi I like your blog and following your Blog & Facebook! I hope yoyr visit! Have a wonderful week!

    Peace & Love!

  17. I love seeing your desk each week, your view outside is wonderful. Beautiful art Patsy. xx

  18. I really enjoyed looking at your inspirational artwork! It was such an encouragement today!

    Blessings, Joan

  19. Hi Patsy,

    Visiting from Reflections of His Grace...thanks for sharing your is beautiful...God has clearly gifted you.

  20. I love looking at your artwork - you are very talented. I especially like the one of the little boy reading in the tree.


  21. Hi Patsy - Love your canvas "delight yourself in the Lord" beautiful! Thank you too for linking up on Wednesday. Look forward to seeing you there again this week. God bless

  22. Love this page! The bible is the most powerful book I know! It contains the sword of the Spirit and knowledge of the living God! I believe prayer and reading God's word are the most effective way to get rid of depression. Many people miss this wonderful thing! Instead of engaging in a Paxil lawsuit, if depression patients would just channel their emotions through prayer, there would be less dependency on antidepressants.


I am so glad you dropped by! You are a blessing!
:^) Patsy