Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WOYWW: In the Midst of Chaos

What can I say?
I like working in the midst of chaos!

This is the table on my right.
I have been trying to clear it up for some months now.
Every time a space gets cleared up,
a pile starts growing!
It's like a fungus!

On my journal:
I have been reading about St. Paul and 
his missionary journeys.

When St. Paul went to Athens,
he was aghast at how many gods
they were worshiping! 
But there was one particular shrine
that caught his attention-
it was inscribed "To an Unknown God".
So he wanted to introduce the Athenians
to this unknown God.

God made us with an innate desire
to know Him, our Creator.
In the same way that an adopted child
will go looking for his natural parents
eventually, we want to get
to know the one who gave us breath
and life.

And the way to really know Him is to read
the book He left us!

Even when St. Paul was imprisoned,
he and his companion Silas
were praising God and praying!
He could be joyful
in the midst of chaos or tribulation,
because he knew that he would 
not be forsaken!

Joining the lovely Julia for a 
peek at desks and projects!

I love blog parties!
Won't you join us?

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  1. I just love the peek into your art journals - I always love what is going on in your heart - thanks for sharing your beautiful art - and I love checking out the parties that you share!

    Have a blessed week!

    Create With Joy

  2. WOW, I just entered a message and Blogger ate it. I said something like I love and enjoyed your inspirational journal today. I know what you mean about piles growing. And they do it on their own, too!! Happy WOYWW from #5.

  3. I just love your journal pages, although this will be my second request to see more of the bathing beauty! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. More of your artwork - thanks for sharing, it is always good to read what you have put each Wednesday morning. Thanks so much for sharing,
    Hugs, Neet #11 x

  5. To answer your question, my friend knows I"m on a kick to NOT buy anything art wise this year, or anything not needed. It's that use it up concept.

  6. your desk looks so busy and colourful
    Hope you have a fab
    woyww week
    kay #22

  7. It's not called fungus, it's called creative! Like always your desk looks wonderful and colourful!

    Happy hopping and enjoy WOYWW

  8. your journal pages are Gorgeous as always.. love your creative desk, Have a happy week, Hugs May x x#26

  9. Your workspace is so packed (like mine!) but so creative. Have a good day. helen, 4

  10. Love you pots of paint all joined together.

  11. Hi Patsy, I love your comment about fungus, you are right there, same in my craft room. Lovely journal pages again. Happy WOYWW, Anne x

  12. I always enjoy visiting your desk, O love to see the 'chaos' of your creations and find your reading inspiring. Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 66

  13. Love your art journals and your look into the words of the Bible. All fabulous artwork! Always love my snoop! Happy crafting!
    HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #47 I think!

  14. What beautiful chaos your desk is. Lovely journal pages.
    Have a great week.
    Von #7

  15. Like your reference to the items being like fungus, I always thought they invited their friends in the night lol. Love the journal pages too. Hugs, Amanda #76

  16. Gorgeous journal pages.

  17. Very busy desk. When mine gets like that I have to stop and tidy up as I did this morning! :)

  18. Give thanks in all things!! #100

  19. It may be a bit untidy this week, Patsy, but it's beautifully colourful! I just love your devotional art journal pages - so beautiful and such a blessing. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #95

  20. As always, I love how you bring the scriptures to life in your journals. Such a blessing!

    Happy Woyww, :-)

    Sandy #90

  21. Patsy: What a blessing to read this post and remember that we need to sing and praise Him in every circumstance. We tend to take so much for granted, and this really blessed my heart. We are SO fortunate and blessed to have you join in the challenges at Word Art Wednesday and share God's Word and love with us. Thank you SO MUCH for this, and may God bless your week for blessing others. We are truly grateful!
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  22. It,s a blended chaos that flows happily on the eye! Love, love your flowers.

  23. Hi Patsy great journalling as always and love your desk, it looks just like mine.
    Happy WOYWW,
    hugs Erika.

  24. I love the peeks we get inside your journal, one of the highlights of woyww.

  25. I just adore your journal! I agree... clean spaces attract piles. We shall call it pile-ungus. :) Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #88

  26. no158 I am always planning to make some art journaling but it seems that I can not find the time....

  27. Fungus! made me smile! It's just that your creativity grows so, you can't help yourself. Love your interpretation of St Paul, he looks very kind.

  28. I love your art journal. I think if you like the visual/physical chaos, you should go with it -- you're obviously being creative in the midst of it! I'm generally a picker-upper. While I like to have completed projects around, I like to put supplies away, for the most part. Happy WOYWW from Laura #117

  29. Wonderful journal and I love that story of praising God while in lock up... Awesome!

  30. Love when God is part of our art. Lovely pages.

  31. Such a pity we live on two different continents. I think we could play very well together!
    Loving the journal page as usual.
    Happy very belated WOYWW
    Please join me in praying for a friend's 15 month old little girl who has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. She has to have an 8 hour operation on §unday to remove the tumour from the brain stem. I am trusting God for a miracle.S

  32. Wow, love the way how you journal. Love the images and how gracious the words are written.

    Thanks for playing along with WAW.


  33. Beautiful art journals as always!

  34. I love your journal pages, always enjoy looking at your lettering!
    Helen S #75

  35. I think chaos makes the creative juices flow. Love your journal pages. Thanks for linking up to Word Art Wednesday.

  36. Great journal work and isn't it funny when we try and clean up we just shuffle instead of putting away and then we get creative and out the window goes the cleaning up... LOL

    Thanks for sharing
    Eliza #19


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