Friday, January 31, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Be Careful Little Eyes What You See!

For today's Paint Party, 
I drew Bathsheba!

The story of David and Bathsheba
has always intrigued me.
How can a man "after God's own heart"
go after a woman who is not his wife,
and have her husband killed?!!

 The clue is in the first line of the 2nd Book
of Samuel, Chapter 1: 
"At the turn of the year,
when kings go out on campaign,
....David remained in Jerusalem."

This is when, after a nap,
he strolled on the roof of the palace,
and saw a beautiful woman bathing.
Instead of looking away,
he feasted his eyes on her,
and made inquiries as to who she was.

This child's song comes to mind:
"Be careful, little eyes, what you see!"
David's first mistake was
NOT DOING what he was supposed to do.
He did not go off to fight the Ammonites.
He was lazy, he was idle,
he shirked his responsibilities as the
King, the leader of his army.

When we are lazy, and are searching
for something to fill idle time,
that is when our old enemy strikes
with temptations and deception.
David succumbed.

 "Is a lamp brought in to be placed
under a bushel basket
or under a bed,
and not to be placed on a lamp stand?"
Mark 4:21
We are all little lights 
reflecting the greatness of God's light. 
We have the potential to be saints and heroes, 
lighting up the darkness of a world 
full of corruption, greed, cynicism, depression, 
and all sorts of unimaginable depravity. 
So let us shine in our little corner of the world!

 So let us not be idle or lazy,
let us do what we have to do,
and let us be careful about what we see and hear!

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  1. Your people are always beautiful and beautifully drawn and painted! HPPF!!!

  2. As always your artwork is beautiful Patsy. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Love your paintings, especially the Bathsheba. Only in the last year did that phrase catch my attention and I realized that David was not doing his job on the battlefield. Thanks for continuing to show scripture in your works.

  4. I love your paintings....the first girl is my favorite!!! Happy PPF!!!

  5. I really like it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. thank you for this reminder in such a beautiful way! so happy you joined us 'in the studio' today, patsy!

  7. Wow this is really wonderful art and a great post.

  8. Patsy, I really like your artwork and the depth of your heart and soul found within it. I pray this year rains extra special blessings upon you and your life.

  9. Amen! Idle hands are no good. Love your artwork!

  10. Beautiful! Love your rich patterns and textures!

  11. Beautiful! So true about idle mind...totally agree with Anne on patterns and textures...and lovely are the colours too :)

  12. Amen, Patsy! Beautifully painted as usual - you are a blessing!

  13. Your art here are all fabulous. The colors are vibrant and cohesive. I love them all. I also enjoyed your post and what you shared about David and Betsheba. There's truly a lot to learn about temptation and the mercy and grace of God in that story. So delighted you shared your artwork with us at Word Art Wednesday. Want to leave you with a verse coming from 1 John 5:4 which says, "For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith." Have a blessed week!

    JO ANN


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