Friday, January 17, 2014

Paint Party Friday: I See Your Faith!

I was reading in the book of Mark, 2:1-12
about how 4 men brought a paralytic to Jesus.
The interesting thing about the story was
that they would not give up.
Even if they could not get in the house
as there were too many people
listening to Jesus,
they brought the man up to roof.
After they opened up the roof,
they let the man down through it!

"When Jesus saw THEIR faith..."
He healed the paralytic.
It was the faith of the 4 men
that caused Jesus to heal the man
spiritually and physically.
The faith of the community can help
heal us and get our prayers answered.
Our faith can help heal our brothers and sisters.

Sometimes during great and terrible trials 
it can seem as if God is hiding His face,
 indifferent to our pain. 
Especially as the Gospel reading for yesterday 
is about the leper who 
approached Jesus, pleading, 
"If you do wish, you can make me clean."
 And Jesus moved with pity, 
touched him and said,
 "I do will it. Be made clean." 
Is Jesus not the same 
yesterday, today and forever? 

"Why do you hide your face, 
forgetting our woe and oppression?" 
the psalmist asks in Psalm 44:24. 
When God does not make sense, 
we have to look at what He did in the past. 
All the times He answered prayer, 
the times He guided, walked with us, spoke to us... 
I have plenty to look back on and 
I know He is faithful and loving. 
Today, just because it seems He is 
not answering our prayers for healing my mom, 
it is no different. I trust Him.

And I continue to read and HEAR the Word
to grow my faith. (Romans 10:17)
I want to be one of the 4 who will
bring my mom down through the roof
and Jesus will say,
"I see your faith..."

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  1. Love your wonderful interpretation of the scriptures Patsy.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. I think there are many of us who would like to be there to bring your mom down through the roof to be healed by Jesus, Patsy. Thank you for this most beautiful reminder of the faithfulness of God.

  3. always...a breath of fresh air, here. Hugs, Patsy.

  4. Yesterday when I read the scripture "If you wish, you can heal me" what touched me was how gentle the request was. So often I plead trying to convince God to answer my prayer. The leper, knew He could do it if He wished and gently asked. I think this would be a better disposition for me in prayer.
    Saying a gentle prayer for your Mother....

  5. so touching and sweet !!!! wonderful work!!! Happy PPF!!!

  6. Wonderful paintings and a great post.

  7. what really beautiful paintings Patsy. Happy PPF!

  8. What a charming face!

  9. very beautiful! Truly touching and spiritual. Expressive and emotive. Lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love what you have written here about faith. This is my One Word for 2014 so there is much to inspire me from reading this today. Thank you.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  11. touching. beautiful pieces of artwork as well.

  12. Your cards a beautiful. Thanks for sharing over at WAW - Fill-In DT, Monica

  13. Love your beautiful art, Patsy! Let your light shine!

  14. I am always overwhelmed to see your art and all your beautiful words...very inspiring and touch the heart !

  15. Truly inspiring!

  16. Your words and images always encourage and inspire, Patsy. I love visiting you :)

  17. Beautiful as always. When 2 or more are gathered. . . .however, we must pray it is His Will, not our will be done. That was a hard concept for me at first. . .but His Will is always better than my will! Blessings, Janet PPF

  18. yup-I read that one too--I also was confronted with the "their" --it really shows how we are one in Christ. I think as people living in the US we tend to be so individualistic. But we dwell in community especially as believers.


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