Friday, January 24, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Mountain Top Experience!

This is what I painted this morning:
"Jesus went up to the mountain
and summoned those He wanted
and they came to Him." Mark 3:13

Jesus liked to preach on a mountain, 
to teach people on a mountain (Matthew 5:1),
to reveal Himself on a mountain (Matthew 17:1),
and to meet with His disciples (Matthew 28:16).
Here in Mark 3:13, he called His followers 
and chose twelve "that they 
might be with him and 
that he might send them out 
to preach and to have 
authority to drive out demons."

What is it about a mountain?
On a mountain, 
you can be away from the crowds,
there is time to pray,
be alone with the Creator and 
the beautiful things He created.
You can look into the distance and 
see far far away.
We are not bound by 4 walls,
not made stressed by traffic,
not confused by the cacophony of the crowds.
We can listen, and learn, and grow.
We can hear God call us.

"Are not my tears stored in your vial?" 
Psalm 56:9 
What does this mean? 
 Perhaps that we should not carry a burden 
we are not meant to carry. 
If there is nothing we can do about it, 
we should leave it in God's hands, 
 leave the tears with God. 
God can turn our trials and suffering 
into wine- giving life and blessing to others. 
But if we keep it, we become bitter and 
it takes our life away. 
When we are in pain, we should strive 
 to understand and ease the pain of others.

That way we will not be like the Dead Sea 
which has no outlet streams. 
If we keep our tears, wallowing in 
self-pity and bitterness, 
God cannot use the tears 
to bless others, to change us and others. 
Trials are always a learning and 
growing experience.
It is a mountain top experience!

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  1. As always, a beautiful post. Thinking about you, your mom and your sister right now. Sure hope all is well.

  2. These are beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous backgrounds for your very lovely drawings, Patsy. Thanks for the scriptures, too.

  4. Beautiful as always, Patsy.

  5. Wonderful artwork and words :)

  6. Just lovely Patsy - just put this reply to your query on my blog :

    "Hullo Patsy,
    You subscribe to follow your blog though the email link on your sidebar.

    You do have one there just popped over and checked so just put the email you want to save it to and subscribe - I have mine sent to my hotmail account, not my home account, so it is saved in cyberspace and then just put each post into a file in my email account.

    Hope that helps, Shaz.x"

  7. Beautiful interpretation of the Bible Patsy.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. stunning background.

  9. Lovely that sweet face ...Saludos

  10. I love the imagery of mountains. And the faces - beautiful. Happy PPF!

  11. I enjoy your reflections and pictures--sometimes after having my devotions I come here to your blog to reflect a bit more.

  12. Thanks for the great post. I have never seen a mountain. :-) Thanks for the spiritual lesson in your blog and the brilliant pictures <3

  13. love this post!!! Thank you for the thoughts and art!!! Wishing you a warm and cozy and Happy PPF!!!

  14. Patsy, I always wonder about the tears of the saints being stored up in vials. This is so meaningful and beautiful. Thank you for posting this outstanding project with us.
    Carole Robb Bisson,
    Word Art Wednesday
    PS Remember you can enter 5 pieces of art each week which gives you five chances to win one of our very sweet prizes.

  15. Thanks for sharing this, Patsy. When we meet our precious Lord and Savior, we will immediately understand everything the way He needs us to, and this will be SO beautiful. God bless you for sharing wit us,
    Word Art Wednesday

  16. I love your description of being on a mountain top, Patsy!
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  17. I love the mountain and the tears symbolism. Your lovely gal goes right with them. Blessings, Janet PPF


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