Friday, March 07, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Freedom!

 "This, rather, is the fasting I wish:
releasing those bound unjustly,
untying the thongs of the yoke;
setting free the oppressed;
breaking every yoke;
sharing your bread with the hungry;
sheltering the oppressed
and the homeless;
clothing the naked when you see them;
and not turning your back on your own."
Isaiah 58:6-7
 The season of Lent started last Ash Wednesday,
and many Catholics are deciding 
what to fast from- red meat, TV, shopping...
But it's clear from this verse in Isaiah
that God prefers a more radical fast.
Not just giving up something but
creating a change in the life of a person
in need of freedom.

 "I have set before you life and death, 
blessing and the curse. 
Choose life, then, that you 
and your descendants may live, 
by loving The Lord, your God, 
heeding His voice, and holding fast to Him." 
Dt. 30:19. 

 Everyday we have choices to make. 
With the limited time we have, 
we make choices where to invest our time. 
Does our schedule and our commitments 
 show that we love God and want to follow Him? 
God's ultimate goal for us is freedom. 
If we align our choices with God's, 
we will attain what He wants for us!

Freedom not only for ourselves
but for those whose lives we touch.
The QC Jail painting club 
(we have a ministry in the QC Jail) was 
given a chance to showcase some paintings
in the Philippine Institute of Architects
convention for free!

Here's Tikyo Trufil.
I got to know him while he was in jail,
and now he is free, and painting!

 I made Mrs. Whatsit over the weekend
out of a plastic milk bottle,
an old sweater, newspapers and scrap cloth. 
Found out how in our papemelroti blog.

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful Patsy.How wonderful is to do such a ministry. Be blessed :)

  2. You are talented an Oh so BLESSED!

  3. Beautiful as always Patsy and thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Lovely art work and beautiful words Patsy. Thanks for sharing .
    Annabelle : )

  5. Wonderful art, great ministry, and love that milk carton doll! HPPF!

  6. Amen to life changes! Love seeing the art and that people are doing something positive and creative with their lives. Such a great ministry!

  7. You have shared your art and heart with many. How lovely!


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