Friday, August 08, 2014

PPF: No Fool!

 Look who got featured in the August issue of the
Real Living magazine?
It's about my favorite things!
 "What will it profit a man,
what would be the advantage, the good,
if a man were to gain the whole world
but yet forfeit, lose his soul, his life?"
This is the question Jesus poses in Matthew 16:25
What a loaded question!
I have been listening to the story of the missionary,
Jim Elliot, on Youtube.
He wrote in one of his journals,
"He is NO FOOL who gives up
what he cannot keep,
to GAIN what he cannot lose."
He is an amazing man who really lived this out!
He was speared to death by the Auca Indians
he was trying to evangelize.
Eventually these Indians became Christians.
 What should I give up to gain God's friendship?
Is there something in my life that compromises
what I want to possess the most?
 Think as God does, not as human beings do.

Peter gets rebuked by Jesus in Matthew 16.
Jesus says, "Get behind me Satan!
You are an OBSTACLE to me.
You are thinking not as God does,
but as human beings do."
And this is right after Jesus said, "Blessed are you!" to Peter

 after he finally realized that Jesus was the Messiah.
In spite of Peter's impulsiveness, his cowardice,
his quick mouth, Jesus chose him, groomed him to be a leader,
and never gave up on him.
God knows me just as I am.
Wishy washy, impulsive like Peter, cowardly too!
But God can use me as I am,
where I am, with whatever I have.
I just have to learn to trust Him, and not be so obsessed
with having God explain everything to me.
After all, the CEO of Apple or Microsoft doesn't have to
explain his business decisions to the janitor!
If we start with trust, we will understand
with our hearts, and our minds will follow.

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