Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WOYWW: Because I'm Jesus' Friend!

 On my desk early this morning?
The little feature about my favorite things
in the August issue of Real Living magazine.

Here is a bigger photo. 
I have to confess I am quite happy about it!
 I like seeing my art journal, my funny stuffed toy,
my Hurom juicer, my craft desk, my books ...

Well, I can't stare at it forever, 
as I have to start my morning right!
After clearing out the magazine, 
this is what's on my desk.

I read from the Book of Ezekiel this morning.
Studying the Bible is fascinating
but it can also be disturbing 
because there is so much controversy
about all sorts of things!
Take this verse in Ezekiel for example,
which in my Bible translates to:
"Mark a "Thau" on the forehead..." (Ez. 9:4)
and those with the mark will be protected from being slain.

St. Francis of Assisi said, "The Tau is exactly the same form 
as the cross on which our Lord was crucified on Calvary,
and only those marked with this sign
will obtain mercy..."
In some Protestant Bibles, the "tau" is removed,
and it just says "mark".

Whatever. When we are in Christ, we are MARKED
by His blood, and called by His name!
We are Christians. We belong to Him.

When we sell something on Ebay,
the one who is willing to pay the highest price
gets to take the item home, right?
The highest bidder for our life is...ta dah! ...GOD!
He was willing to buy us for the price of the life of His Son!
Whatever the mark on us, it was placed by God.
He paid the ultimate price for us!

 "Unless you turn and become like children..." Matthew 18:3

Jesus told the disciples that we have to 
become like little children or 
we will not be able to enter heaven. 
What are the qualities of a child that Jesus wants us to have? 
The heart of a child is bold, unscathed, 
joyful, appreciative, confident. Yes, confident. 
A child brought up in a loving home 
knows without doubt that he is loved! 
NOT only by his family, but also by God.

 When my son Josh was a toddler, 
I asked him, "Why are you so cute?" 
and he answered within a heartbeat, 
"Because I am Jesus' friend!" 
 How pleasing it would be to our Father if we could say, 
"I am blessed because I am your friend! 
I will look for ways to bless others 
because I am your friend!
 I will look up to you for guidance, 
I am teachable, 
I am humble, I am kind and forgiving

 because I am your friend!"

Yes, a child's heart is simple, not skeptical, not ironic. 
Pure unadulterated joy and gratitude!



  1. Congrats, Pasty! and I love what you shared about your son, we can all take a lesson from his answer! Have a blessed week, my friend.

  2. Truly fabulous post! I love that the blood of Jesus has marked us forever. We are His. He calls us friend. What a way to start my day!! Thank you!

  3. Ooh look at you in a glossy magazine! II love the things that you chose to be your favourites, what a great article!

  4. Oh my goodness, congratulations! I need to find that issue now! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #54

  5. Great sketches as always ! Ali #7

  6. Visiting from Winsome Wednesday link up. Beautiful art!

  7. Oh a published writer, no less. and I love the selection of your favourite things.
    I love the way you write about your faith, like a child so bold and confident about it, make me feel a little bit ashamed that I don't say enough about my faith.
    Thanks for visiting me, and yes the bull was orange, they are HIghland Cattle which come in lots of colours but orange is a quite common colour.
    Bless you
    Chris #63

  8. Oh my Patsy, you had a full page. Congratulations. Your art is outstanding once again and you posts always leak a mark. We are always so happy when you take time to post with us.
    God Bless you,
    Carole, Word Art Wednesday

  9. Beautiful art work : ) #4


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