Wednesday, August 06, 2014

WOYWW: Insider Information and a Giveaway!

After reading about the Transfiguration in
the Gospel of Matthew chapter 17,
I looked for a picture of a man
holding something.
I needed to paint Saint Peter holding the Bible!
And I found a picture of Bill Clinton "changing the world"!!

Saint Peter changed the world too!
In a letter he says he was an eyewitness
to an amazing sight-
Jesus transfigured, His face shining like the sun!

Then if that was not enough, a voice from the cloud
said, "This is my beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased;
I think this experience was terrifying,
mind boggling, awesome, and it changed
the 3 apostles' lives.
This would leave an incredible impact on
the lives of Peter, James and John.

 They each saw a glimpse of the glory beyond the cross.
and Saint Peter is telling us that,
"We were EYEWITNESSES of His majesty!
WE OURSELVES HEARD this voice from heaven!!!
You HAVE to be attentive to this message!"
How urgent can that be? 

The message was so compelling that
Saint Peter wanted to spread the message
far and wide until he was martyred
in Rome in the year 64 AD.
Are we listening?
"People brought to Him all those
who were sick and begged Him
that they might touch only the tassel of His cloak,
and as many as touched Him were healed."
Matthew 14:36

In Numbers 15:37-41 the Lord commanded Moses
that His people should put tassels,
fringes or TZITZIT on the corners of their shawls.
They were to be a reminder of all the commands of God,
that they might obey it.
The Hebrew word "Halacha" for Law,
literally means "walk".
Following God's law meant that
they were walking in righteousness.

When the Jews prayed, they would

cover their heads with the tallit,
or the prayer shawl.
It was white to symbolize the heavens,
 with blue stripes to represent the Ruach Ha Kodesh,
the Holy Spirit of God.
Going under the shawl for them was akin to being
in their prayer closet, or "praying in secret"
as in Matthew 6:6.

I was thinking it would be nice to

carry around with me a reminder
to walk in righteousness.
Perhaps a bracelet, a necklace,
even a hanky with a tassel?

Sometimes I wear a Mezuzah.
It's a way to bring the Word of God 
with you wherever you go!
In a Jewish home, they put it
on the doorpost. 
Inside the glass vial is the "Shema" 
from Deuteronomy 6, and it begins with, 
"Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is One."

If you'd like to win this one to hang around your neck,
visit our jewelry page at 
papemelroti and tell me if you like anything there!
(I don't think we have a Mezuzah for sale yet
because it's a new product.)
I'll pick a winner next Wednesday.




  1. As always, your blog is inspiring!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #15

  2. As always fabulous artwork and brilliant teaching
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Beautiful paintings.
    ~Kate~ #39

  4. Patsy you blog is so inspiring and your paintings are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it all.
    Bless you
    Chris #6

  5. I love the way you bring your paintings to life, using modern pictures. Thanks for sharing the Scriptures and your thoughts. Have a great week, Chris WOYWW 5

  6. Your post is such a blessing! And your paintings so inspiring! God bless you abundantly for sharing His Word! Happy WOYWW and God bless you!
    Carol N #53

  7. Love the information you include with your scriptures, thank you for the inspiration.
    Bishopsmate #47

  8. Gorgeous work as ever and lovely words.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #38


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